just quick for the win

  • school’s done
  • the yard is trashy, but there is a  whole pig (yes:  Whole.  Pig.) smoking in the drive way, which adds to the trashyness in a way that makes trashy into Trashy.
  • the neighbors are on chicken duty for the weekend, and Whole Pig duty.  They win
  • Also winners – KG and her fab fiancee, who are in town for A Wedding
  • Music last night, and Wednesday, with Jim Waive.  Everybody wins!
  • New dress for aforementioned wedding (and forty-eleven other weddings to come) bought with gift card from LB.  Said new dress allows me to loan other dress to said LB for yet another wedding
  • nice times with The New Girl
  • market this am with good old JG
  • Junior cat is mat-free
  • chickens can be outside almost all the time
  • did I mention the Whole Pig in the driveway?

how about a list

(just so we know this is not a blog only about my peeps)

In no particular order:

  1. there are one and one half days of school left.  Thank fucking god.  I don’t blog about work, but this year has sucked.
  2. the peeps spend most days outside, which is great, because they are messy as shit.  For real.  But I heart them.
  3. no camp for me this summer (teaching, that is).  I have a fab new babysitting charge – let’s call her…..  ah, something.  I’ll come up with something.
  4. ttc shit is totally overwhelming and hence paralyzing.  What to do next?  Can’t think about it, can’t decide, can’t deal.  Woo!
  5. recent fab visit from my white grandma involving tea at my house – twice!  Woo for real!
  6. general blah > general not blah.  This bites.
  7. j says I’m not blogging enough.  Who am I to argue with her?
  8. the kitten, who were once so tiny, are now 1 and very big.  I also heart them.  The boy one likes to lay around “guarding” the peeps when they are outside.
  9. The New Girl is being…. well, herself.  We’ll see how all that goes, as I can’t really be much of anything but myself, and those mesh less than well recently (see #6 above).
  10. house and yard are, as per usual, more work than I want to deal with.  Lame.  Dirty and untidy do nothing to make me feel good, and yet they are so hard to send packing.
  11. I have a new doula client, which causes me to remember that I really, really like birth work.
  12. LB is very good at keeping up with folks, for which I am grateful.
  13. my csa started and the neighbors are going to roast a whole pig in my driveway.

What’s new with you?

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