I’ll show you mine

Slightly hi-brow Korean ramen with partial-fail kimchi. Store-bought kefir. Now show me yours.


Lunch: fish tacos. And you?

easy as pie

Except for the typing.

This blogging app puts lunch logging right at my fingertips. Or tip as this tiny, tiny keyboard makes my hunt and peck style even more – ah – stylish.

In other, Starrhill news, it’s raining (again) and the chickens seem to take great joy in standing in the mud outside of their coop; the gf is out of town for 2 whole weeks and I’m all at loose ends; the mean girl cat has a nasty, nasty wound abover her left eye that I get to pry open twice a day for pus release. Mmmmm…..

Anyway. Lunch. Last night’s fish cakes, made from the previous night’s trout and potatoes plus some onions, an egg and breadcrumbs. Also leftover collards. A girl needs her well done greens.

Log your lunch, please.


Well look at this. There seems to be a free blogging app. I am inordinately proud of having only free apps. And, no, I don’t have a phone. Calm down.

Today I ate fancy canned tuna from LB with capers and arugula. Your lunch, please.

(there seems to be no spell check – eep)