Round Up

The usual Xmas house guests are here. The fire is hot. There are baked apples in the works for tomorrow’ guests. We are getting two eggs from the chickens most days. The boy kitten is learning to come to a whistle. We had the snow storm of the century and it bought me two nights of slumber party fun. There are several bottles of cheap French sparkling wine chilling in a snow drift.

All merry all the time, my friends.

lunches, few and far between

Delicious Indian food from the teacher next door. She paid me in lunch to make 21 paper cranes for her classroom. It was sag paneer, butter chicken, some potato/peas saucey-but-nameless thing, and rice. And naan. As a large portion of my lunchtime is spent opening tiny food containers for tiny children, I ate with a spoon, not with my hands.

And you?