possibly nsfw

Or, this post is not all about my boobs, despite what it looks like.

neighbor baby and peeps

Neighbor Baby hearts Teh Peeps.  Who have a new and improved home not immortalized here.  This is their old not-so-hot home.


Folks who have done their required reading will remember the neighbor cooked a Whole Pig in my drive way.  Other folks who’ve read Little House in the Big Woods will remember that the pig’s tail was a Big Deal in that book and hence a Big Deal to me, although not to anyone else.  It was delicious.  And doesn’t my gf have nice legs?  I love when she wears shorts.  And will somebody tell me why posting and aligning pictures is so fucking hard in WP?

wallowing in summer, or Looking Up


  • scrambled eggs with cheese and onions, toast, radish slices and tea for breakfast with TNG
  • arrival of the little bird at 8:30
  • swimming lesson at 11
  • a/c in the Benz seems to be working – woo!
  • towels and suits on the line
  • long nap for the little bird
  • watermelon drink with mint made into popsicles
  • watermelon rind waiting to be pickled
  • chicken coop nearly finished
  • house staying cool
  • raspberries almost ready, strawberries on their way out, roommate’s garden going great guns
  • still in bathing suit top – why take it off?