walter, jr. may 2008 – december 23rd, 2010

Rest in peace, sweet boy.

sometimes, we all do the right thing

Yesterday, there was a random knock on my front door. Now, things have been pretty shit around here, and I didn’t really want to answer the door, but I did. Cause it’s rude not to and why compound misery with rude?
Anyway, it was this older guy, smoking a cigarette, with some story about being hired to rake some lady’s yard, but she didn’t have a rake and his was at his house across town and he didn’t want to walk all the way home to get it and did I have a rake he could borrow?
It seemed maybe sketchy. But I do have a rake so I told him to meet me around back and I gave him my rake, which has been much neglected of late and he thanked me and swore up and down he’d bring it back and went on his way.

It wasn’t real generosity on my part; it was an attempt not to snap at him and refuse just because of my own unhappiness. It didn’t make me feel particularly better and I did wonder if I’d see the rake again.
When I answered the door just now, it was him. With my rake and and offer of a few dollars, which I refused. He asked God to bless me and I replied, “you too, sir” and what I meant was that his stranger’s blessing was enough for my atheist ass.

food/gift craftastic

Or, “I don’t need to take the little pips out, do I?”

Oh, come on. You know you’ve missed live blogging with The Food Crafters.

Present: T of Tuesday Fame, Elsie, Cho-girl, LB and me.  Here we fucking are.  We are making infused vodka and flavored salts.  If they turn

9 pm.  Maths.  Math is hard.  LB is cutting citrus for infused vodka and Elsie is commiserating about mL and numbers of limes, slicing and doing maths while the rest of us sit on our collective ass and talk about a new fabric store.  Vodka is filtering, so as to see like higher quality, a la SJ.

9:17 pm.  Cho-girl begins lavender salt.  Smoked paprika is the shit this season, you know.  So we’ll be doing that next. And macha which is good on eggs.  Vodka still flitering.  T of Tuesday Fame is packaging some cleaning shit for us.  Terra Scrub if you must know.  You must know.

9:25 pm.  Pic of sliced citrus as we wait for vodka to filter. Again.

LB said “wait while I hold it against my bosom!”  but I didn’t post that one.  This is a family blog, after all.

9:35 pm.  Lavender salt done.  Vodka update:  first bottle, 3rd pass through the filter.

Live blogging is hard.  I’m passing this shit on.

9:40 pm.  Where is the shamwow?  Cleaning utensils-salt flavoring change.

9:45 pm.  Kermit crab status-mass murder and painting.

T of Tuesday Fame:  “did you calculate for the displacement of the citrus?”

SHG:  “fuck no.”

9:50 pm. New salt is smoked paprika and moving on to matcha which smells like green tea ice cream.

9:55 pm. Smells like a tea house.

10:00 pm. Four cycles of filtering the vodka is our max. around here, pouring it in with the first citrus mix, grapefruit.

10:05 pm. V-Bottle two, pass one.  S-done for now, we will be drying citrus and doing that later.