just quick for the win

  • school’s done
  • the yard is trashy, but there is a  whole pig (yes:  Whole.  Pig.) smoking in the drive way, which adds to the trashyness in a way that makes trashy into Trashy.
  • the neighbors are on chicken duty for the weekend, and Whole Pig duty.  They win
  • Also winners – KG and her fab fiancee, who are in town for A Wedding
  • Music last night, and Wednesday, with Jim Waive.  Everybody wins!
  • New dress for aforementioned wedding (and forty-eleven other weddings to come) bought with gift card from LB.  Said new dress allows me to loan other dress to said LB for yet another wedding
  • nice times with The New Girl
  • market this am with good old JG
  • Junior cat is mat-free
  • chickens can be outside almost all the time
  • did I mention the Whole Pig in the driveway?

One Comment on “just quick for the win”

  1. LB says:

    I wouldn’t eat it but would love to see that pig!

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