psuedo-unintentional-meaningless hiatus

To entertain y’all meanwhile, here’s me and one of my BFFs, Little Babushka:

(From Face Your Manga, by way of Tracy, of IVP fame.)

someday i’ll tell you shit again

Meanwhile, check out my new favorite comic:

I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space!

Yikes!  Lesbian Pirates!  And a million exclamation points!

now with video

Food crafting!  Woo and Hoo!


(aka look what I learned to do at the IVP “conference” this weekend)

live from DC

It’s the IVP.  Just for you, Cali.  Because we love you.

5:40pm – after a horrible, horrible battle with the internet, I finally managed to get a connection and here we are.  Eating pizza, hearing about Laura’s 60 kilos of luggage (60 kilos?!) and visiting.  It seems Hope is wating in the car with Quinn, who’s sleeping.  Plans are afoot to take her a beer.

Current roll call from where I sit:

Liza and Josie, Megan, Jenny and Elsie (Ezra to come), Emily, Kate and Xander, Laura, Michael, Daniel and Joshua, Clem, Quinn, Kate and Trish…..Good lord.  There’s more, like a  million more, but I can’t see them from here.  Oh, there’s Jen with Teddy, and Beth and Cathy with Hannah and Hope.  Maybe some pictures are in order.

8:58 pm –

Ok, so clearly, that was a miserable failure in terms of live blogging.  But!  It was a fab event in terms of everything else.  Let’s take note of who was there that I didn’t yet mention:  Shana, Jen and Dre (sorry for the lack of an accent), Jude, Jen and August, Emily, Chris, Penny, Jordan and Taylor, Mari, Eliza and Phillip.  Crap.  Was that it?  The gracious, hosts, of course – Jean and Linda and Julian and Evelyn.

Everyone was charming, totally charming.  Particularly after I got prodded into “mingling” more by Clem, the social butterfly.  There were about a thousand pictures taken by everybody but me.  With fancy cameras, no less.

More tomorrow from Jen and Cait’s.

9:10 – going to bed.  Meeting new people is exhausting.  Whew.

Saturday, 12:59 pm –

Live streaming now here.

6:56 pm –

and more live streaming now – see link above.