as i can’t seem to have a baby

I’ll just keep on collecting baby animals.


monday = 26

There seems to be a flame war in the comments for my past post – Wheeeeeee!  (For the record, I will sell my soul for welsh cakes.)

Today’s lunch:  tuna salad from the ever charming good old JG with arugula and red leaf lettuce from the market. Log your lunch.  You know you want to.

Off to take my 200 mg of prometrium……

2 for 2

Or Two for Two, if you’d rather.

Here’s the source of my new favorite daily email:  Grammar Girl.  See, you go to the site and not only can you read all about Fun Grammar Stuffs, you can sign up to get one email a day delivered right to your very own inbox!  Woo!

Today, I went to a soccer game to watch Sophie fall and totally fuck up her ankle.  Poor kid.  she has crutches now, of which I’d bet she is very proud.  Her mama took her to the hospital and she got a brace that goes from her ankle to her mid-thigh, which “really sucks.”  Or so she says.  Then when they got back, her mama got attacked by one of their cats.  Quite the afternoon.

Lunch.  Bulgogi and collard greens, boiled and then well buttered.  The market started a few weeks ago and all I want to do is eat greens all day.  Log your lunch, please.

oh, look – it’s me again

Is it bad that I never blog any more?  Maybe it’s a blessing – fewer numbered lists and less moaning about infertility.   So maybe y’all are happier, but I *miss* you.

(As a side note, we had a speaker come to talk to staff and parents about the local Atachment Clinic and, while she had some interesting things to say, she also used less where she should have used fewer.  Nice.)

So, yeah.  I’m trying again.  To knock myself up, you know.  And to blog more and better.  Well, at least more.

Is it bad that I have absolutly no qualms about hitting override on old FF?  They don’t know when I ovualte – *I* do.  Fuck them and their stupid “we think you may….”  bullshit.  I don’t even miss the VIP membership I didn’t renew and no I won’t be bothered to make note of every damn thing that happens every damn day in my chart.    I’ll just hit override to set my ovulation date and be on my merry way.  Stupid old FF.

Oh, the stats.  I know you want them and you know I want a list:

  • CD 14.
  • IUI in the afternoon.
  • Post wash count 120.

Other things of note:  There’s a baby here!  And here!  Yay!  I’m late – one of those kids is damn near a month old, I think.  But here they are!  A long time coming but here they are.

Even more things of note:  well, one thing.  There are 27 days of school left.  Insert your own cheering here.

And lunch.  Last night’s leftovers of lamb, rice and peas.  Sort of boring but not too terrible.  And an apple on the way to see Tom the Lab Guy to pick up the goods.  All 120  million of them.  Log your lunch, just for old times sake.