all vacation-y

A list.  I know you love them as much as I do.

  1. Sleeping until 7:30.  Woo!  And hoo, of course.  (All this sleeping in proceed by a late night phone call that would make even me smile.  *sigh*  The New Girl  *sigh*  It’s good so long as it’s good.)
  2. IVP time all morning, plus coffee. (Sad news there, but – wow – I am glad to be on it in real time.)
  3. Walking to the IY for t-day supplies.  Bonus visit with the neighbors – in case they need shit.  That’s how we roll here.
  4. Lunch with CD.  Bonus more coffee.  Yes, I am out and about mid-day, eating with an adult.
  5. Tiny visit with LB at her work.
  6. Napping.
  7. Sweeping the porch.  It needed to be done.
  8. Ignoring the copious leaves in need of raking.
  9. Telephoning with Hard Girl.
  10. Random tidying plus starting bread for t-day. (I am back on the baking band-wagon, I swear.  No more bakery bread, delicious though it is.  There’s a recession, yo.)
  11. Baby time with the neighbors, plus wine.
  12. More t-day prep.  Salad this time.
  13. Visit to the liquor store.  (Let’s not count how many times I’ve been there in the past couple weeks – I have lots of company – let’s blame it on them.  On her, I mean.  Hot toddies cure stress as well as colds.)
  14. All the kids at the Diner for Jim Waive.  You know it.  They were all there.  I wish you were there, too.  Yes, I do.

It’s good here in Starrhill, y’all.  All thankfull, all the time.

it’s like i’m not even doing nablo-blahblah

Oh, right.  Because I’m not.  Unless somebody’s started something where you post Intermittently But No Less Than Once A Month.  It’s a little sad – I was so good last November.  Go ahead and check my archives if you don’t believe me.

Anyway.  My feed-reader in Mail seems to be broken, so I feel very behind the times – not keeping up with all of y’all.  Sometimes it tells me there’s new posts and sometimes it does not.  Weird.  And sorry.

Of note:

  • Katz is still my dream date, even after all the T. *swoon*
  • the view of the mountains from the top of Main st kick my ass every damn time I see it
  • there are 17 days of work between now and the end of 2008
  • there’s a fire and a soon to be vacated back room with guest potential – come on down to the Starr Hill Lesbian B&B

In other news, it’s CD 2.  That’s right.  We’re back on the horse – that pesky miscarriage won’t keep me down.  The RE says I’m good to go.  Let’s get this party started, y’all.

adventures in live blogging and vanilla making

Oh, look!  We’re all live blogging and shit!  Me, cho-girl, Elsie and Little Babushka.  We totally wish you were here.

6:59 pm – Elsie outlines dinner options – pasta, pasta, or rice.  N.B. pasta option the first was for her to make pasta.  Lord.

So far we have mirated the gorgeously cute and medicinal bottles, set up the cheese, olive and bread course.  Cho-girl tries (again) to convince us to etch “vanilla” onto the aforementioned bottles.

Ummm….. not so live….  dinner break 7:32.  If one could call it a break – we haven’t done shit yet.

Look!  Pictures!  Guest blogged by cho-girl via photobooth.  Woo!

vanilla beans

all artsy and shit

8:27pm – here we go.  LB plans to put a bean – well, let’s not say where.  Oh, dear.  Discussion ensues about proportions.  Simply Recipes calls for 1 bean to 3 cups of vodka.  We like to play fast and loose with proportions in Starrhill, so – ah, crap;  we’re in Woolen Mills, not Starrhill.  So let’s say we go for something close to 1:3, yes?

As a side note, do those over the counter cold meds do *anything* of value?  I say no.

Back to the task at hand – tops are being taken off the jars, beans are being cut and split.  And being offered for me to put down my pants.  Oh, dear.

8:38 pm – all bottles are de-stickered, bean parts have been added to some.  Elsie starts pouring the vodka in, by way of a beautiful funnel.  Happliy we are all brought joy by simple things like funnels.  Wait.  Maybe that’s just me.

Elsie will be getting a mini milker!  It’s a done deal.  Then we will have milk for our next live blogging and food crafting adventure.

8:47 pm – huh.  We are out of vodka.  Opps.  This was all rather anti-climactic.  Now we just wait.  For 2 months.  Stay tuned.

For real, honest to god pictures, you can go visit LB.  And maybe cho-girl will put some up, too?

tea with sugar

Or, Some Of My Best

Did you think I’d abandoned you?  Fear not!  Here I am, as cho-girl and I like to say.

I’ve spent the day holed up inside, which was sort of dumb but I’ve never claimed to be other than that, so what’s the harm?  The weather was fab, I think; I should have gone out and done something, e.g. yardwork – bleh, but I didn’t.  I nursed a sore neck and IM-ed with LB and then napped and was woken up by my good friend C knocking at the front door.  We had tea – P.G. Tips, if you must know.

Now, things have been ok, miscarriage-wise.  Really.  Ok meaning not good, but not terrible.   It’s sad.  And it sucks and I think about it every damn day.  And I think I will never cease to be sad about it.  But it’s happened – I can add another notch to my Infertility Belt.  Woo.  But.  My last visit to the RE went very, very well.  It was the All Bleeding Has Stopped, Let’s Get Wanded visit and everything looked good.  Except it looked like I was ready to ovulate again.  Heh.  Way to go, Left Ovary!  You’re the winner!  So assuming all things go smoothly this cycle (and to judge by my CM, they are), I can hop right back up on the old ttc train next cycle.  Sooner, rather than later, which is good.  And that makes the miscarriage all the easier to handle.

However, other things are less than ok – things I’m unwilling to blog about because while I’ll tell you all about my snatch, I like to keep my really dirty laundry and that of others under wraps.  How about some more mixed euphemisms? I know you love them.   All that is to say that the convergence of the miscarriage and the other things was not harmonic.  Manageable, but not fun.

Which bring me to the visit from C, who just dropped by, having fended off my phone calls and emails for the past 36 hours.  And the IMs with LB plus her constant dead on interpretation of shit.  And the phone calls with Z the Ex (ah, lesbians – nothing like having your ex as one of your best friends). And dinner with my donors. And the drinks with the KP at the Diner.  And the flowers and chocolates from Clem.  And the cookies from AdProbs.  And the dinners with the neighbors.  And the purse quilt from Cali, which I will pass on so it can make the rounds of comfort. And the constant coffee with cho-girl.  And the fruit treats from Sara.  And the un-ending stream of emails and cards and phone calls from more people than I can even begin to list.  Amazing.

There was this one particularly bad day a little while ago and by some unhappy accident a full 5 of my closest friend were all busy at the same time.  And still, I had people to call.  People who came over and took charge; who called back and called back again.  And I didn’t even begin to tap into the IVP that day – they were on reserve, though.  How luck am I that I’ve got so many people?  Pretty damn lucky, y’all.  I am pretty damn lucky.

So thanks.  May all of y’all have such a crowd surrounding you.

As an end note, there will be live-blogging tomorrow from the home of Elsie, where there is always food crafting going on.

woo and motherfucking hoo

Honest, y’all.  I didn’t think I’d see this in my lifetime.  I thought I’d have to wait until my children had children (and we all know how long that would be).  But no.  In the space of less than 2 generaltions – from my grandfather making noise about who could vote when he saw injustice at the polls,  to me, standing in line with all my neighbors this morning as the sun came up – we, people who matter and who care, steped up and made some change.  Virginia, land of my heart, did right and we’ll soon have a president of whom we can all be proud.