today. a list in 8 parts.

  1. carried a heavy casserole to school as well as the damn bag of laundry
  2. did not miss the bus, and the driver greeted me with “I got ya” when I went to pull out my bus pass, which would be less of an event, but my bus doesn’t have a consistent driver anymore. It does, however, have another rider who gets off and on at the stop by my school. She is awfully nice.
  3. at school, it was Thursday, which is far better than Wednesday this year. Who knows why.
  4. a kindergartener came down to my class to show me and my assistant her math, which is par for the course with her these days. She shows us the problem she’s just done and then one of us gives her a new number. This has been going on for weeks. “I think I feel like doing some more math” she says when she asks us to make up a new number for her. Pics on Instagram because, yes, it happened. I enjoyed telling her about Ada Lovelace today.
  5. my assistant and I wore matching bottoms today. Her skirt looked great. My jeans were undergoing their probationary period and, sad to say, they failed. Cho-girl allowed as they were sort of mom-jean-ish. They are a really nice color, but they failed.
  6. rediscovered a press pot at school and so now we all have a little coffee in the afternoons and it is like heaven.
  7. tonight my book club is going to the movies. We are more of a multimedia club, actually.
  8. had post-work coffee (wow, that’s a lot of afternoon coffee) with cho-girl. We sat on the porch because we can.

How’s this for committed, y’all? Twice in one week.




Or, rather, I do.

Y’all, I went to church today. Did you ever? I know. It was for a Christening, which was lovely, and I got to sing some hymns, which, atheist or no, I do love to do. The sermon was about home, or at least that’s what I took from it. The preacher jumped off from Jeremiah’s letter (I do love the story of the Babylonian Captivity because it has a good song written about it, and who doesn’t love a story that turns into a good song. Also, it is a story I know.) and somehow ended up with a baseball metaphor, which worked BTW, and it was really pretty lovely.

Home is something I think about a lot. What is it, where is it, how do I make it, when do I feel like I’m there, what happens when I’m not there, who fits there, etc, etc, et cetera. Of note: bad things happen if I’m not home for more than, say, 45 minutes. Things like my organs start to fail and maybe the cats cry that I’m not around. So. Stay home, me.

Anyways. What’s been happening, other than out of character church going? Let’s make a list.

  • school started, cho-girl left me (not really, she has taken over the other toddler class) and I got a new and lovely assistant
  • uuummm…..

Y’all, nothing else has happened. It’s nice. I like things not happening. How about I keep writing and things will keep not happening?

and now I’m feeling a little ill…

Not in the “oh, pregnancy-related nausea!” way. In the familiar, anxiety related way.

I hate waiting.

long, lost meme

From Bionic, who has lovely drawings up right now that her wife did.  Maybe once the gf and I are wed, she’ll do such things for me?  Hmmm…  Maybe not.

Anyway, a list – my fave!  The rule is one word only.  Yikes.

Hair: greying

Your Mother: compassionate

Your Father: kind

Fav Food: popcorn

Dream Last Night: funny

Fav Drink: whiskey

What room are you in?: living

Hobby: forgotten

Fear: unfortunate

Where were you last night?: home

Something that you aren’t: pregnant

Muffins: overrated

Wish List Item: fence

Where you grew up: home

What you are wearing: second-hand

Your Pet: perfect

Friends: perfect

Something you’re not wearing: underpants*

Fav Store: IY

Fav Color: orange

Last time you laughed: morning

Your Best Friend: loves

Best Place you go over and over: bed

Person who you email regularly: LB

Fav Place to Eat: home

*haha!  I am the same as Bionic!

I’m finding tagging hard to follow up, but Hard Girl is it.  Get on, girl.


Stupid free itouch aps are confusing. Wish my computer worked better.


Well look at this. There seems to be a free blogging app. I am inordinately proud of having only free apps. And, no, I don’t have a phone. Calm down.

Today I ate fancy canned tuna from LB with capers and arugula. Your lunch, please.

(there seems to be no spell check – eep)

come on now, won’t you come back home

Or, How To Throw A Funeral In 10 Easy Steps.

  1. Find a dead Some One.  Try to find a dead Some One You Love, as this leads to having the funeral land in the laps of some other folks you love, as well as partially in your lap.  This may be painful.  This may, in fact, be really shitty.  Whatever.  There’s a lot of business around death.  Somebody’s got to deal.
  2. Handle the red tape.  What, you thought there was just a pine box and some ashes to ashes shit?  Nope.  Ha ha on you!  From inter-state shipping to archaic, homophobic bullshit, you – or some one you love – will have to deal with regulations that turn no ear to love.  Remember: somebody’s got to deal.
  3. Remember shit.  When you’re in the thick of it, remember shit.  Those stories about __________________?  And the ____________?  Fill in the blank.  Those motherfuckers are priceless.
  4. Call in the troops.  You’ll want a nice bottle of George Dickle. Or some carry-out bagels and fresh coffee. And somebody’s got to go get them and bring them to you.  So pick up the phone.  May you count your friends as your family and your family as your friends and may they all come riding up when you put out the call. You’ll remind yourself that your Dearly Departed was good at this sort of thing.
  5. Call in the troops again.  This one is the All Call. It’s death, y’all. People will come.  They’ll show up in dark suits.  They’ll bring food.  They’ll make the Bible palatable to atheists.  They’ll drive you and yours around and listen to history they have no interest in, while seeming interested.  They’ll call you for no reason.  They’ll laugh at inappropriate shit and you’ll be glad.  You call; they’ll come.
  6. Bear Pall.  Really, do we have to say anything else?  Just do it.  Folks have carried your weight before and will again.  Return the favor and be proud you were asked along for the ride.
  7. Food.  The living like to eat, and you know your Dearly Departed did, too.  So plan your After Party accordingly.  Did your Dearly Departed love oysters?  Have some. (Be sure to find some poor soul who knows how to shuck them.)  Or maybe the favored food of The Deceased was any sort of dessert?  Then make a cake.  Or three.  Don’t let the dog eat the cake.
  8. Drinks.  Have them.  Toast en masse and in small groups.  Drinks win at funerals.  Circling with a wine bottle makes you look like good host and allows you to check in with lots of guests.  Yes, this is yet *another* lesson from your Beloved Deceased.
  9. Good lord, do not forget the pictures.  The old ones you dig out of the box at the top of the closet and then ones that about a million people are taking right now.  You’ll be glad to have them. Or, at least you’ll be glad to have some of them.
  10. Keep talking.  Those folks you love, the living and the dead, are around so long as you keep talking about them.  Heaven or no heaven, they’re still here.  Call your friends your family and your family your friends and keep them all close by.