getting it together

Come on y’all.  Log your lunch.  Or your cocktails, as the case may be.  Tumblr misses us.

sf travelogue, day three

Strange dream about hosts having Boxer this morning. Then coffee and a biscotti with a book at the coffee shop across the street. Fab.

Well navigated walk to A’s house for a day of visiting, baby napping and amazing ice cream. Small amount of weeping involved. In the visiting, not in the navigating. Also fab.

Equally well navigated walk to a Pilates studio to meet hosts for post-Pilates beer and pizza. Then home for bento lunch making, whiskey and visiting. Again fab.

Off to Palo Alto via caltrain tomorrow.

Why is this trip so short?

sf travelogue, days 1 and 2

Day One.

Arrived at SFO ten minutes early. Gold start for you, Virgin American. BART was it’s usual easy to navigate self and I fell back in love with SF as I walked south on Mission from the 25th st station.

We went out for afternoon drinks and co-misery and then had a very late Mexican lunch. Oh, food of my people….

Then I self-navigated my way to Noe Valley with no trouble (Gold star, me.) ate and made it back home to the Mission for bed.

Day Two.

Slept in to a rather embarrassing hour. Went out for brunch at the cute place next door. Had a champagne cocktail in the sun and a nap.

Perfect vacation so far.