It’s mini-vacation time here in Starrhill – no school till Monday!  Whee!

So far today, not in this order:  plotted killing schemes with LB; written dirty emails; fed cats; saw a very hot, brand new Porsche outside my window; fed and watered chickens; got up; got dressed; made turkey broth; went to Reid’s for sour cream for cupcakes, thereby breaking my vow to not buy things on Buy Nothing Day (*sigh*  crap); read the comics.

Now I’m going to make cupcakes and listen to Al Green.

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OMFG.  WordPress has fucked me again with the pictures.  Anyway.  There are cupcakes.  Yay!

love your neighbor

Just don’t do it in a way that promotes hate.

From Tom at Jesus Has Two Daddies.

i don’t have time for you, Mark Bittman

Or, Sunday To Do:

Oh, fuck it.  Let’s make a list.

  1. laundry the first (Oh, laundry, how do I love you?)
  2. start sponge for bread (Got late start, so there really is no time for the no-knead stuff – it’s back to my old bread bff, Tassajara.  I do love you though, Mark Bittman, I really do.)
  3. mop the kitchen (Blah.  Mopping, I dislike you as much as I love laundry.)
  4. work self into a snit over current events/sexism/state of the yard.
  5. eat something (Note to self: recent bad habit of 2 cups of coffee before breakfast = not good.)
  6. anticipate visit from the kids from the Valley (!)
  7. mirate very clean stove and oven, don’t think about how long cleaning said stove and oven took, don’t notice spots that will never be really clean because the fucker is at least 60 years old if not 70.
  8. laundry the second (*sigh* laundry….*sigh*)
  9. get sidetracked talking to LB

Ok, so the real fun is over on my lunch blog.  Really, y’all.  If you’re not logging your lunch, you’re missing out.  Highlights include serious panda bento boxes, repetitive but delicious beans on toast, food fights between prominent London lawyers and peanut butter crackers stolen from small children.  Ok, just kidding on that last one.  And the one before that.  But really.  Go log your lunch.


Remember how, really, the best and most fun part of my blog was when you’d log your lunch?  Now you can do it as a post on my new, lunch-oriented tumblr.  Look at the feed on the right.

Now go log your lunch.  Pictures, please.