It’s mini-vacation time here in Starrhill – no school till Monday!  Whee!

So far today, not in this order:  plotted killing schemes with LB; written dirty emails; fed cats; saw a very hot, brand new Porsche outside my window; fed and watered chickens; got up; got dressed; made turkey broth; went to Reid’s for sour cream for cupcakes, thereby breaking my vow to not buy things on Buy Nothing Day (*sigh*  crap); read the comics.

Now I’m going to make cupcakes and listen to Al Green.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OMFG.  WordPress has fucked me again with the pictures.  Anyway.  There are cupcakes.  Yay!

2 Comments on “cupcakes”

  1. littlebabushka says:

    Yum yum! Tasty cakes.

  2. Martha says:


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