true confessions

Bless me, y’all.  It has been many days since my last post.

  • for well over a year now, I have been putting my trash out on the curb to be picked up.  Without a trash sticker.
  • CLAW was great last night.  Which was in itself great, because I’d been dreading it since last month was such a nightmare.  But really, it was great.
  • I was so unprepared for tonight’s parent meeting and, without qualm, let S run the whole damn show.
  • I do not believe that school is starting.  In my deepest heart, I do not believe it.  So deep is this disbelief, I am going out of town, so as to further hide my head in the sand
  • the cat drama here is fierce
  • as are the fleas
  • I have bought bakery bread 3 times now this summer.  My vow to make my own bread has run and hidden it’s head in shame.  It was too hot to turn the oven on.  And the bakery is so close and their bread is so good.
  • I have an air conditioner – let the eco police come for me; I’ll go willingly.

Oh my Readers, I am heartily sorry.  And I detest all of my sins.  I do. Because I fear the loss of heaven and the pains of hell.  But most of all, because the offend Thee, my Readers.  I firmly resolve to confess, do penance and amend my life.  I do.  Send in the hairshirts.

pulling through

What do y’all think of the new WordPress digs? Nice? I am still acclimating. Maybe some whiskey will help…..

Well, look at that. It does!

Anyway. Where have I been? Why the move, from me, the queen of Not Moving? What the fuck is going on in Starrhill? What did you eat for lunch today? So many questions, so few hours in the day…… Let’s have a loosely organized totally unorganized list. Woo!

  1. numbers are fun – let’s use a numbered list
  2. Where have I been? I’ve been home and away – home, then Los Angeles, then home. Here I am at home. Whew. Home is good.
  3. Oh, you meant, why the lack of blog post? General shit. Busy and conflicted about blogging and somewhat frantic/anxious and all that sort of crap. Plus all the shit going on in Starrhill. See below.
  4. Why did I go to LA? Because big chunks of my family are there. The white side and the Mexican side. My grandma turned 90. All my cousins were there. I cruised around Montebello in my uncle’s pick-up with my best cousin, listening to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young with my feet on the dash. We visited my grandpa’s grave and shared the pull-out couch like always. I ate chorizo for breakfast almost every morning. I sat on my southern grandma’s balcony and had a pre-dinner scotch. I stayed 2 days too long. I am not such a fan of LA, but my family is fab.
  5. I hate moving, so why the move? Because Chicory said once that anyone who really loves her would switch to WordPress. And I *really* love her. Really. There may be some sort of learning along the way, so hold on to your hats, y’al.

And for the finale – another list! Woo and hoo! 2 in one post!

What the fuck is going on in Starrhill?

  • pet drama: 2 sick cats then one dead cat. My little black cat died earlier this week. Yes, the one who had the lovely week of luxury at Spa CHO; the one who’d been so sick earlier. Poor tiny girl. There were multiple trips to the vet and multiple medications and daily sub-q fluids (I’m a pro now). And there was the slow slipping away. She couldn’t walk at the end, but she’d pull together all her strength to cry when I left the room, or to climb onto my leg if I sat down by her. So I brought her up to my bed that last night and realized around 4 that she’d stopped breathing. She just slipped away.
  • pet drama II: the other sick cat is sick. But still feisty. She’s got some sort of dental abcess and the (stranger) vet was all x-ray this and dental surgery that and I was all ahhhh – I’ve got a dying cat at home and *this* cat will be getting antibiotics and then she will be getting well, thank you very much. And she is. Getting well, I mean. Thank you very much.
  • car drama: woo! my current car is running poorly. As in, it would die after I’d start it up, when I was out and about in last week’s heat wave. Currently, it is resting. Next week, we reevaluate our relationship and come to terms with how we’ll deal with further issues that involve a fucking lack of fucking getting me and small children where we fucking need to go so we can take our fucking naps.
  • and yes, the heat. Fuck me. It was around 60º in LA and I came back to August in Virginia. I love summer, y’all. I even love hot. But there was no prep, no buildup, just heat. It was 88º inside my house on Tuesday. Inside. With the curtains drawn and the fans on.
  • CLAW 5. Great. As you might imagine.
  • home improvement! Woo and Hoo! I’m going to move the washing machine out of the kitchen and I’m going to buy a dryer. From my boss for fifty dollars. I haven’t had a dryer since….ummm sometime in the mid-90’s. I do heart my clothesline, though. Said home improvement is dirtier and more unsettling than I imagined it to be.
  • work – i’m not teaching this summer (shhh….. woo and hoo), but I do have a new small, auxiliary red-head to watch in the afternoons in addition to Sophie, my pretend child. There is napping involved. Yay napping!

Ok, ok, I know the IVP in you is dying for updates. After a crazy time scheduling a wanding today (isn’t this shit supposed to be easier if I’m *not* teaching?) I rolled in to the RE’s at 3:30. And saw some confusing shit. Nothing on the right. Nothing after 5 days of femara. And on the left? One or two follicles. If it’s 2 (and let’s hope for 2) they are lying as close together as white on rice, so close it is damn near impossible to tell if they really are 2, but let’s hope that they are. Because if they are 1, then that one is fucking huge for CD 10, which is where we are now (we being me), so huge as to be Ready To Go, ready to ovulate tomorrow or Sunday. And we all know that Fed Ex don’t play like that. There will be no sperm shipment from the West until Tuesday. So let’s just assume there are 2 and that they grow slowly. Slow. Ly. Because even if they are 2 (and let’s just say they are), they are already 16mm and I can push those fuckers along fast when I want to, or so says my RE (well, he doesn’t say fuckers, but you get the idea). I’d be grateful for some IVP mojo right about now.

And lunch? Grains and greens. Mustard greens and yellow chard with quinoa (regular and red) and amaranth. And salad with fancy green goddess dressing made by good old IB (queen of gimlets and the back deck, you’ll remember).

Log your lunch, y’all, we’re back in business.

lunch et cetera

Today’s lunch: lamb summer sausage from the sheep’s milk cheese lady, cucumber from the hothouse farm south of town, strawberries from some of the tidewater farms, sourdough (!) with butter. All local all the time. Except then I went a ruined it by scrounging some ranch dressing from Kraft or something like that.

Day’s of school left: 11. That’s eleven, in case you’re counting, which I am.

Still no word from the sperm washing guy. Hmmmm. May be another DIY insem.

news from the RE plus lunch and numbers

Ok, so the cat is really sick (the black one, which makes me want to cry) and I have to run her to the vet and Sophie to soccer in a minute, but I know y’all want to hear the news from the RE as much as you wanted to see my ass.

My prog numbers from last cycle came back really off – from 11.3 down to 1.something. This is so off that the RE wonders if there was some sort of lab error. Anyway, the thought, as you know, is that femara doesn’t do shit to boost my prog. He’s up for adding prometrium to the mix with the 2.5 mg of femara and calling it a day. And my ovaries are “quiet” and my uterine lining is nice and thin so off we go – wheeeeee! CD 4, y’all. It’s CD 4.

Sperm update shortly – so far so good, as the kids say.

Lunch: yesterday there was not really any lunch, I scrounged from the dregs of the snack cabinet and ended up with cheese with the mold cut off and triscuits plus some almost ready for the compost melon. But today! Today was left over chicken (breast this time, but don’t read anything into that) with psuedo-fancy sauce (mayo mixed with roast garlic) and asparagus with Bragg’s and lime (no lemons in the house). That link’s just for you, Clemency.

Count down: 14.

late lunch with bonus picture

Last night’s roast chicken (thigh, because I’m that kind of girl), cucumber pieces and “white catsup” as one of my kids calls ranch dressing. Ranch is a good dip for anything, I tell you.

Log your lunch, y’all. I have to somewhat frantically pull together mother’s day gifts for 13.

Sixteen days of school left.

ETA – this is the kid who removed the bird from it’s cage. I know you wanted to see him. And my butt. I know you wanted to see my butt.

count down

Let’s count down to the end of school, shall we?
As of today we are at…… 3 weeks and 2 days. Or 17 days. 5 of those days will be spent trying to pull together Mother’s Day gifts. Hahahahahahahahaha.

Lunch: leftover white beans and spinach over pasta (the highlight of this dish is the bacon), also leftover blanched asparagus dressed with – you guessed it – olive oil and Bragg’s and leftover from snack cantaloupe. Really a far better lunch than yesterday in all ways.

the good, the bad, and the not-so-ugly

So there was the great post, all written in my head, about how today ran the gamut from bottom-of-the-barrel to woo-and-hoo! but I just finished figuring out how to post pictures over at wordpress for the CLAW blog and I am wore out, y’all. So, haha! I’ll give you a list and you can sort things into the good, the bad, and the SOOOOO-not-ugly your own selves.

  1. had very bad cold yesterday, as in very bad, causing me to miss brunch with some Crazytown extendo-family types and a memorial service that I really wanted to attend. Said very bad cold still present this am, but still I have to go to work because that is The Way It Is.
  2. scramble to find tylenol at the only store open between my house and school, because that is the only pain killer I can take in the ttw, and a pain killer will keep me from killing the children at school, where I should not be because of above-mentioned very bad cold but too bad because that is The Way It Is.
  3. cho-girl subs in my class and as a bonus to her greatness, brings me tylenol, because above-mentioned store only had the sinus kind or the allergy kind and those kinds will probably make my Baby the Possible have 3 heads and so I did not buy them, but drove to school near tears instead (crying in the privacy of one’s truck – or one’s dad’s truck – is far different from crying in front of Teh Public, plus, I said “near tears” not “in tears” see? I was sick! Cut me some slack.).
  4. half the staff of my school is out today – ok, not half, but 4 out of 14. No lie. But I get to teach with above-mentioned cho-girl, who is occasionally sympathetic but mostly just large and in charge of the children, which is just what the non-existent doctor ordered (things starting to look up here). Too much sympathy makes me woozy.
  5. manage to not kill any children at school, nor do I give them my very bad cold, because they must all be immune at this point, having already given it to me. Thanks, children.
  6. it rains. All day. We do not go outside, which means that I don’t have to wake up my nappers. More sleep = yay.
  7. Sandy, Sophie’s mama, is on the radio when I get in the truck after school (this is where things really begin to look up) and to sweeten the deal, Sophie is not too surly! That’s 3 days in a row! And is worth both of those exclamation points and this bonus one!
  8. my roommate makes enchiladas for dinner. Enchiladas which will also be my lunch tomorrow. It is nice to be hungry again.
  9. (the best for last) I got these in the mail today:

Thanks Mrs. B. Art saves lives, y’all.