In the same Not Me – You! vein as the last post, go check out Lesbian Dad’s series of the week about Being a Baba And How She Got There. Excellent as usual.

Do yourself a favor and start with Monday’s, then move on to Tuesday’s, then do today’s and go back for more for the whole rest of the week. You won’t be sorry.

coming soon to a diner near you…

Well, the diner near me, that is. Yes, it’s CLAW. C***** Lady’s Arm Wrestling. Here’s a sneak preview with Down Low Cho and Lefty Red.

i’ll sit with you

This is very cool. And fun to read. And is leading to good things. Check it out.

not-so-false idols

I dream of blogging like this. So brilliant. I *love* her.

check it

Woo and hoo! You and all your friends can now buy the most fabulous children’s clothes *ever* from Treehouse Togs at their new place on Etsy.

As a highly trained Montessori teacher, I fully endorse these clothes. They will not only boost your child’s self-esteem with their amazing cuteness, but also aid in the development of Self Care Skillz because they are designed so children can dress themselves. Additionally, your child’s innate sense of aesthetics will blossom just by seeing these beautiful garments in his or her closet. (Only one of those comments is actually legit, I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one.)

Aren’t you so ‘cited?

clearly, I would jump off that bridge if every one else did

It would just take me a long time to decide to do it.

Every other lesbian aiming for a baby has a blog, and lord, I’ve been stalking them all. As if I had no life of my own, which it is beginning to seem like I don’t. So here I am, standing on the edge of the cool crowd, wondering if any of them will notice. A wallflower. Similar, I’d say, to a middle school dance – except my middle school didn’t have dances.

Clearly, I want to be part of the in-crowd.

But also, cho-girl has lapped me with her 3 blogs. And so really, I am just trying to keep up with her.