alone at last

After a fashion.

Both my current roommates/housemate/tenants (I never have figured out what to call them) are out. I have the house to myself! Whee! Generally, I enjoy renting rooms. It covers the mortgage, which teaching does not do; it provides company, mostly of the good variety; and it, well, I can’t think of what else it does. But I usually enjoy it. The part that is constantly a chafe is the kitchen. I think the next temporary person look for will have to have “hates to cook” in the ad. Sharing the kitchen with one person works well. Two is crowded. I’m over it.


Other things of note:

  • it has been hot and humid as fuck, after the rainiest June I can remember, but I just figured out how to program the thermostats for the mini-splits and I a feel like the eco-police might yet pass by my door. There has been what I consider too much air conditioning happening, but it is just so damn hot and I am trying to keep tenants happy and paying rent.
  • a restaurant across the street from me just sold/is closing. This is great for the owner, who I do like a good bit, but – wow – is that restaurant wrapped up in some good times from my life and its passing is more than a little sad to me.  Silly to mourn the passing of a restaurant, I guess, but there it is. I’m sad.
  • work, aka “camp” is more than half over for me! Whee! It is so worth the lack of money to not pull an entire summer of camp. I need the break, y’all. So as to come back “into the classroom” refreshed. I fully intend to be refreshed, because…
  • cho-girl is in Maryland doing her Montessori training, which means I will be “assisted” (because who could call what she did mere assistance?) by somebody else. Hiring is happening. I’ve never done it before. New skillz! I may haz them! (N.B. the use of the word “may”.)
  • wow, y’all, I sure do love my cats. Probably this goes without saying, but, wow. So true. It’s a little embarrassing. I can’t believe I just made a entire item about that.
  • also in the world of “my work” I went to a workshop last weekend on RIE, which was great. I’ve been reading a lot about it this past year (mostly here), and I’m pretty sold on a lot of the ideas, which are pretty similar to Montessori. So that was great. Only now I really want to run a tiny baby class and be done with these giant, geriatric toddlers.
  • the gas line from the pipe in the floor to my stove got replaced. Fun times! There was the faintest smell of gas and I dithered over it for a moment and then called the emergency gas leak number in the phone book (starrhillgirl, still using phone books in 2013) and the nice man from the city, who’s been here before for a gas leak, came right over and did all his little test things and swore up and down the space behind my stove was no grosser than he’d seen before and found a tiny leak in the flex pipe. Which I then convinced a friend to come fix in exchange for a night of babysitting. Done and done. But wow, it was gross behind the stove. There was cat pee. Ugh. And yuck. But now there is not. Whew.

Looming on the horizon! A trip to the west coast! To see chosen family, not family of origin (who are great, don’t get me wrong) and to ride a train from San Fransisco to Seattle! I’m so excited!

some time

Oh, hello there, as my grandpa used to say. Hello. It has been some time hasn’t it? It has. And guess what? Three guess. First two don’t count. Yes! You got it. I’m still infertile.

But that’s boring, old news. Boring and old. Entertainingly, there is little else going on that is new and interesting. Maybe I’ll make y’all a list! I love a list.

  • school: was good, challenging in the full sense of that word, but good. Challenging like cho-girl and I took a deep breath at the end and said “whew.” And also said, “damn, us, we do some good work, gold Montessori stars for us.”Also, I am working camp some this summer. Until noon, so it almost doesn’t count. The paychecks also almost don’t count either.
  • home: also good, if less challenging. One of the remaining chickens went broody for damn near three weeks in June and so egg production is for shit. What this boils down to is that they aren’t getting the fancy organic local food this summer (see also paycheck as mentioned above), because I’m not going to spring for that shit if I don’t get enough eggs to give away. The cats are shedding with abandon, except for dear Louise who manifest her grief for her late brother by over-grooming rather horribly. Poor Louise. The kittens are big, but still kittens and Fifi is old and just as hateful, though sweet to me.

other random things:

  • Super CLAW was last month and there are lots of other places on ye olde internete that talk about it, so I’ll just say that it was fab. And I got a shirt. And another shirt to send to my cousin, who is an official for roller derby
  • Speaking of my cousin, I went to LA and it was great. Saw my afore mentioned cousin and we laid around in bed together taking and drinking coffee and she braided my hair for me everyday, like her mom used to do for us when we were little girls and we went to the beach.
  • I had The Spring of Company, which was pretty much the biggest treat ever. In order of arrival, not importance: Anna with her delightful tiny fam, the Bionics, who have already blogged the trip, if you want deets, Hard Girl and her not so tiny fam, and then trailing at the end of May, aj , who sadly didn’t stay with me, but did come over for whiskey. Yay! Company!
  • I am on the train for a super secret trip to Brooklyn. Well, not really secret, bt I didn’t tell lots of people I was coming up. Just a couple folks. I am going to lay around and read and eat and visit and not make myself crazy trying to see fifty bah-thousand people. But I’m going to go to the bra store. Woo! The bra store.

What else? Is that enough catching up for y’all? And by “y’all” I mean “the two of you that are still reading”.

day two

Yes, I am 2 for 2.

See, the issue with blogging, and my internet life in general, has been a hardware issue.  There seems to be something wrong with the antenna in my laptop and I can only pick up a wireless signal if I sit right by a router.  And the router I make use of is in my neighbors’ study.  So I am not so much on line these days.  Or, rather, I’m on line with my tiny handheld thing, which is great – wow, is it great – but not so conducive to typing anything longer than 3 characters.  Oh, the excuses.

I just *know* you’ve missed hearing  the quotidian details of my life.  Yes, you’ve been crying until your eyes bleed, hitting refresh over and over again these many months, waiting, in vain, it seemed, for a post with more to it than what I ate for lunch.

Poor you!  So let’s play catch up!  Oh boy!  Here’s the list version, which is, as you may know, my favorite version. Let’s all agree that this is not an exhaustive list, ‘kay?

  1. Work.  School is great.  As in, really, really fucking great.  I have an amazing class, an amazing assistant, an amazing intern (An intern?  Me?!  I feel so legit.) and we are collectively doing amazing things like all wearing underpants and usually keeping them clean and dry!  Woo and hoo!
  2. The snow.  JFC, the snow.  And there’s more coming?  I heart snow days.
  3. Infertility.  It bites.  And it’s close companion, lack of funds, also bites.  Still slogging along, though.  Don’t despair.  Mostly I don’t.  Mostly.
  4. Affianced.  Oh, quit laughing.  I still have all sorts of issues with the institution itself, but, weirdly, I really want to do it.  More on this later.
  5. Housing.  I have, for the first time ever, asked a roommate to move out.  It kind of sucks.  Not the roommate, although he’s not ideal, but the asking.  Conflict avoidant is the appropriate self-help-y terms, I think.
  6. Food.  My old CSA stopped being a CSA.  They only do wine now.  Which is great, but, y’all, I want food, too.  So now I have a new CSA.    Also, The chicken are laying 2 or 3 eggs a day now.
  7. Lunch, natch.  Left over spicy beef thingy from the hot new Chinese place.  Woo!  Hot!

Wasn’t that the most gripping news you’ve heard all day?  Now, tell me your lunch.

Oh yeah!

I almost forgot!
Today is the International Day of Peace. Yay! Peace!

Since we are sooo ahead of the game at my school, we celebrated it… yesterday! Ok, really, it’s because that’s how it was on the school calendar, and who am I to argue with the school calendar? No Body, that’s who.

Anyway. It is the very early and tender beginning part of the year for toddlers, and so our version of the Day o’ Peace is somewhat modified. The primary classes light a candle at the given hour, pass it from child to child (it’s all very safe, quit calling Social Services), and have various discussions about peace. I think. I’ve never seen it because, as I said, it is a very tender and early point in the school year for my toddlers and, well, if I leave the room they cry. Anyway, our school had a lovely picture in the paper of children carefully passing the candle around a few years back (like 12) and we still milk the crap out of that picture. It’s in every piece of promotional propaganda we’ve got.

Since I can’t link to the over-used old newspaper photo, I’ll give you a couple pictures from the toddler version from last year. (I don’t have pictures from this year, because I was so busy Being Peaceful, I forgot my camera.)

First, I make a big to-do about how fire is hot, and the matches are “my work.” Only after we go over this a million times, do I light the candle and get to the goods, which is me saying, “Today is Peace Day. When you look at our peace candle, you can say, ‘Peace’.” And all (ok, a few) of them say “Peace.” And some of them look at me like I am crazy. I get that a lot this time of year.

Then I show them the Peace Crane, and say, “You can hold the Peace Crane and then pass it to your friend. You can look at your friend’s eyes and say ‘peace’.” Insert some version “the candle is *my* work/ the candle is *hot*” in there wherever you see fit, ‘cuz you know I was.

See, they actually do it.
And no burns.
Don’t forget to add your blog to One Million Blogs for Peace, if you haven’t already.

Happy International Peace Day!