summer camp, days 1 and 2

Shit, I am late for camp.  What a surprise.

So let’s play catch up, shall we?

Day 1 – Provide a photo or sketch or dramatic rendering of the space where you normally blog.









Home.  I usually blog at home.  Sometimes when I travel, but mostly at home.  In the chair by the fire, or on the couch or on the porch swing that you can almost see in the far right of the above picture.   I don’t think I have ever blogged at my desk, which is really more storage space than work space.  This picture is from long ago, before I ripped out all those bushes and the droopy fence.

Day 2 -What were you like in high school? What extracurricular activities, if any, did you take part in during high school? Did you consider yourself a writer?

What *was* I like in high school?  Umm…. much like I am now?  Short, sort of brown, but without any tattoos.  Nice, I hope?

I didn’t really take part in any extra-curriculars.  A lot of my friends played field hockey, so I went with them to games because it was fun.  I was the manager.  Sort of.  That meant I braided everybody’s hair and stored their jewelry on my person during games.  I did some costuming, which sort of started by accident when the husband of the woman who taught me to sew was brought in to direct the school play one year and she was the costume designer; she had me help her with alterations and then the next year I sort of stuck with it.  Otherwise, I spent a lot of time with my friends, doing things I probably shouldn’t  commit to permanent record.

Oh, summer camp…  now can we sing songs by the fire and then go make out in the cabins?

getting it together

Come on y’all.  Log your lunch.  Or your cocktails, as the case may be.  Tumblr misses us.

food/gift craftastic

Or, “I don’t need to take the little pips out, do I?”

Oh, come on. You know you’ve missed live blogging with The Food Crafters.

Present: T of Tuesday Fame, Elsie, Cho-girl, LB and me.  Here we fucking are.  We are making infused vodka and flavored salts.  If they turn

9 pm.  Maths.  Math is hard.  LB is cutting citrus for infused vodka and Elsie is commiserating about mL and numbers of limes, slicing and doing maths while the rest of us sit on our collective ass and talk about a new fabric store.  Vodka is filtering, so as to see like higher quality, a la SJ.

9:17 pm.  Cho-girl begins lavender salt.  Smoked paprika is the shit this season, you know.  So we’ll be doing that next. And macha which is good on eggs.  Vodka still flitering.  T of Tuesday Fame is packaging some cleaning shit for us.  Terra Scrub if you must know.  You must know.

9:25 pm.  Pic of sliced citrus as we wait for vodka to filter. Again.

LB said “wait while I hold it against my bosom!”  but I didn’t post that one.  This is a family blog, after all.

9:35 pm.  Lavender salt done.  Vodka update:  first bottle, 3rd pass through the filter.

Live blogging is hard.  I’m passing this shit on.

9:40 pm.  Where is the shamwow?  Cleaning utensils-salt flavoring change.

9:45 pm.  Kermit crab status-mass murder and painting.

T of Tuesday Fame:  “did you calculate for the displacement of the citrus?”

SHG:  “fuck no.”

9:50 pm. New salt is smoked paprika and moving on to matcha which smells like green tea ice cream.

9:55 pm. Smells like a tea house.

10:00 pm. Four cycles of filtering the vodka is our max. around here, pouring it in with the first citrus mix, grapefruit.

10:05 pm. V-Bottle two, pass one.  S-done for now, we will be drying citrus and doing that later.

i don’t have time for you, Mark Bittman

Or, Sunday To Do:

Oh, fuck it.  Let’s make a list.

  1. laundry the first (Oh, laundry, how do I love you?)
  2. start sponge for bread (Got late start, so there really is no time for the no-knead stuff – it’s back to my old bread bff, Tassajara.  I do love you though, Mark Bittman, I really do.)
  3. mop the kitchen (Blah.  Mopping, I dislike you as much as I love laundry.)
  4. work self into a snit over current events/sexism/state of the yard.
  5. eat something (Note to self: recent bad habit of 2 cups of coffee before breakfast = not good.)
  6. anticipate visit from the kids from the Valley (!)
  7. mirate very clean stove and oven, don’t think about how long cleaning said stove and oven took, don’t notice spots that will never be really clean because the fucker is at least 60 years old if not 70.
  8. laundry the second (*sigh* laundry….*sigh*)
  9. get sidetracked talking to LB

Ok, so the real fun is over on my lunch blog.  Really, y’all.  If you’re not logging your lunch, you’re missing out.  Highlights include serious panda bento boxes, repetitive but delicious beans on toast, food fights between prominent London lawyers and peanut butter crackers stolen from small children.  Ok, just kidding on that last one.  And the one before that.  But really.  Go log your lunch.


Remember how, really, the best and most fun part of my blog was when you’d log your lunch?  Now you can do it as a post on my new, lunch-oriented tumblr.  Look at the feed on the right.

Now go log your lunch.  Pictures, please.

here i am II

Ok, so remember I used to be sort of funny?  Sometimes, I mean.  Before infertility beat me down?  Before everything sort of fell apart last month?

(Um, yeah.  I clearly didn’t really tell you about all that.  Uh, sorry?)

Anyway, yes.  Here I am.  Fertility on the back burner.  Trying to make it through.  But here I am, as cho-girl and I used to say.

Speaking of cho-girl, we are back in the saddle at school.  And, predictably, it is kicking my ass.  However, I also get fun things like a 1 year old noticing a classmate changing clothes:

Child: “naked?”

Me:  “Yes, she’s naked.  She must be changing her clothes.”

Child takes self up to other part of classroom to watch.  I want to give him a big A+ on his toddler report card, but I don’t because we are all about intrinsic motivation.

There are, yes, many good things to be learned in my class. This is not to say that this is a funny, but to point out (to me)  that there is more to my life than slogging along the “path” of infertility.

happy something to me

I was so busy having a miscarriage and other angst that I missed my blog’s birthday.  Oops.  I’ve been blogging for 3 years now.

Welcome to Starrhill, where the infertility never ends.

to-do sunday

  • wake up
  • skype date with Clem (yeah, you’re jealous)
  • make coffee
  • drink coffee
  • talk to the gf (she’s away)
  • blog
  • make yogurt
  • freak out about amount of houses stuff to do
  • dust stairs
  • make list of to-buys for refi upfit
  • move wood outside (ugh)
  • make salsa
  • sort and prioritize alterna-fertility supplements
  • freak out about amount of house stuff to do *and* proximity of IVF
  • drop purged books at recycling center
  • pick up LB
  • go to T’s for Sunday not Tuesday goodness, get talked down from freak outs
  • go to  – ugh – Lowes (gift card found! woo and mfing hoo!)
  • paint closet doors with T
  • add to to-do list
  • dust and tidy “sideboard”
  • purge hanging vases and dust
  • dust corner hutch
  • make some lunch type thing
  • remember yogurt in oven (!)
  • mow grass before rain!
  • dust hanging lamp in dining room
  • chat with nieghbors
  • make curtain for under sink
  • go to bed

Yes, I put somethings on here that I had already done.  It’s making me feel better.

And yes, I am adding as the day goes on.  Refresh early and often to stay current!

come and eat

Or, Rolly Polly Fishheads.  Bionic has put out the call for dinners.  I’m usually a lunch girl, myself, but since dinner usually ends up being lunch, well, it seems like I can swing this.  Sad to say, there will be no pictures.  I have no camera that works.  Poo, as we say around here.

Anyway, I’m newly in love with Korean Food.  I think the real reason I was willing to get over muttering anathemas about marriage being a tool of the heteronormative patriarchy and tell the gf that I would marry her is that she introduced me to Korean food.  I don’t really buy that “The One” bullshit about finding a “Soul Mate” but if I did, my soul mate would be Korean food.  That shit is good.

So tonight Tuesday night, I had…..  Oh, let’s do a list, ‘k?

  • rice
  • kale from Waterpenny sauteed in coconut oil with garlic
  • shrimp (from the freezer) sauteed in butter with garlic and chili flakes
  • spicey myulchibokkeum

You will want to watch the video that goes with that last link.  Yes, you will.

If you’ve been as slack about logging your lunch as I have about blogging, go ahead and do that now.  Good job.

just look at all this posting

My internet is working!  Whee!  Hence, I had a perfect skype date with the Girl Scouter, which was better than therapy, and I got to read real, live blogs!  Which let me in on the secret that I was tagged for a meme!  I’m still junior-high enough that being tagged makes me all squeal-y and full of exclamation points!  EEEEEE!  They like me!  And by they, I mean the queen of the two-for-one deal, Bionic.  Go on ahead with your bad self, babe – log your lunch for me.  You know I love it.

Ok, ok.  I haven’t done a meme in a while.  Hell, I haven’t blogged in a while.  Do y’all even read any more?  So let me put the rules up first, because I heart rules.  Ooo!  Ima put them in a list – what’s better than a list *and* rules?  Nothing, that’s what.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
  2. Copy the award and paste it to your blog.
  3. Tell us 7 interesting facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 7 bloggers that you love and link to their blog.

And look at that. I even managed to insert an image without totally fucking it up.  This is a great day, I tell you.

Now, to think of seven moderately interesting things… umm…..hang on, I’m thinking.  Shoot. This shit is hard.  Ok, here we go.

  1. My internet connection prowess is for shit.  This is not even remotely interesting, let alone moderately, but I am telling you anyway because it makes me crazy.  For example, while I was typing that last sentence, it went out.  And now is back on again.  Save early, save often, as my father says.  And it’s out again.  Lord.
  2. I buy two different kinds of cat food – fancy, local organic full-of-meat kind and generic, mass produced, full-of-filler kind – and then I mix them.  But will I feed my cats canned food?  No.  Too much trouble.  Do I feel stupid and guilty about this?  Yes.
  3. Above my bed, thumb-tacked over a handwritten copy of Emily Dickenson’s poem about hope, is a copy of the u/s picture from when I was pregnant.  It’s not a picture of a baby to me, but I just can’t take it down.
  4. I still do not fully understand how to make use of WordPress and it’s media options.  Also, I do not have a working camera.  I miss having lots of pictures on my blog.
  5. My chickens are producing 3 or 4 eggs a day.  And a lot of poo.
  6. I have a great deal of follistim in my fridge.  Because the IVP is full of kind and generous people, some of whom do not have blogs (ahem, Lizzie).  To whom I think I still owe some shipping money.
  7. I love my job.  I don’t blog about it when it’s bad, so there’s no way for y’all internet peopleto know just how mother-fucking bad it was last year.  Now now that’s it good, I’ll run on a little.  My job is so great.  So, so great.  My kids are great, my assistant and my intern are great, my families are great, my classroom is beautiful…. on and on and on.  It’s so great.  And I’m on vacation this week.  Heh.

Yikes, now I have to pick seven bloggers….  all without a fucking internet connection.  Why, internet?  Why?  Why do you hate me?  Why must you keep me from my internet peeps?  Why?

Ok, I’ll just make this next list (3 lists in one post!) Full O’ Links later.  When the internet starts cooperating.  I love speaking of the internet as if it were a real thing.

If you are on this list, you must participate.  Even if you rarely, hardly ever, really not even ever blog anymore.  Ahem.  Yes, I mean you.

  1. Tay at feyac blurk, who is also T of Tuesday Fame around here.  Because you need to see her photography.
  2. Car Free With Kids.  Because they are living my fantasy life.  In which I not only give up my car, but I also know how to ride a bike.  And in which I have kids.
  3. It’s taken me this long, but I finally got with the program and figured out where to find the best dressed blogger in town.  (Now, let’s hope she talks about cars, too.)
  4. My dear and equally well dressed friend A.  Because she and the Sartorial Butch should be friends.
  5. Chicory.  Because we love her.  That’s the royal we, y’all.  And because she’s good at noticing what’s good in her world as we all should be.
  6. I think she doesn’t blog anymore, but I am still crushed out: Wake Up Naked.
  7. And of course, LB.  It’s not a life without her.

Good lord.   I need to update my blog roll.