today. a list in 8 parts.

  1. carried a heavy casserole to school as well as the damn bag of laundry
  2. did not miss the bus, and the driver greeted me with “I got ya” when I went to pull out my bus pass, which would be less of an event, but my bus doesn’t have a consistent driver anymore. It does, however, have another rider who gets off and on at the stop by my school. She is awfully nice.
  3. at school, it was Thursday, which is far better than Wednesday this year. Who knows why.
  4. a kindergartener came down to my class to show me and my assistant her math, which is par for the course with her these days. She shows us the problem she’s just done and then one of us gives her a new number. This has been going on for weeks. “I think I feel like doing some more math” she says when she asks us to make up a new number for her. Pics on Instagram because, yes, it happened. I enjoyed telling her about Ada Lovelace today.
  5. my assistant and I wore matching bottoms today. Her skirt looked great. My jeans were undergoing their probationary period and, sad to say, they failed. Cho-girl allowed as they were sort of mom-jean-ish. They are a really nice color, but they failed.
  6. rediscovered a press pot at school and so now we all have a little coffee in the afternoons and it is like heaven.
  7. tonight my book club is going to the movies. We are more of a multimedia club, actually.
  8. had post-work coffee (wow, that’s a lot of afternoon coffee) with cho-girl. We sat on the porch because we can.

How’s this for committed, y’all? Twice in one week.


2 Comments on “today. a list in 8 parts.”

  1. Bionic says:

    I read this on my porch, which is less charming than yours. Coffee might have helped.

  2. Toni says:

    Yay!! I’m inspired to write a post or two myself now.

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