Or, rather, I do.

Y’all, I went to church today. Did you ever? I know. It was for a Christening, which was lovely, and I got to sing some hymns, which, atheist or no, I do love to do. The sermon was about home, or at least that’s what I took from it. The preacher jumped off from Jeremiah’s letter (I do love the story of the Babylonian Captivity because it has a good song written about it, and who doesn’t love a story that turns into a good song. Also, it is a story I know.) and somehow ended up with a baseball metaphor, which worked BTW, and it was really pretty lovely.

Home is something I think about a lot. What is it, where is it, how do I make it, when do I feel like I’m there, what happens when I’m not there, who fits there, etc, etc, et cetera. Of note: bad things happen if I’m not home for more than, say, 45 minutes. Things like my organs start to fail and maybe the cats cry that I’m not around. So. Stay home, me.

Anyways. What’s been happening, other than out of character church going? Let’s make a list.

  • school started, cho-girl left me (not really, she has taken over the other toddler class) and I got a new and lovely assistant
  • uuummm…..

Y’all, nothing else has happened. It’s nice. I like things not happening. How about I keep writing and things will keep not happening?


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  1. L.B. says:

    Approved. Xo

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