some old, same old

I’m not pregnant. Again. I am, however, in sometimes-sunny San Francisco, which is a decent consolation prize. Ok, consolation prize isn’t the thing, but aside from a breakdown or two, I honestly am ok.

This leg of the trip I’m staying with a dear friend of (maths….) 27 years (whoa.) and her equally dear girlfriend in their new-ish house and my childless and unpregnant state allows me to do things like sit a bar all afternoon drinking Pimm’s cups while reading a graphic novel and chatting with the (hot) bar tender (who was very into talking about guns and how she *needed* them to defend her “female partner and 12 year old asthmatic pug and hairless cat” to which should teach me to judge by appearances.)

Which is to say I am doing ok. The waste of all the money is, well a waste – and there’s little I like less than waste – but there it is. I have thrown away the PIO I hauled across the country and my friend has arranged for Lyon-Martin to take my extra needles and syringes so I don’t have to throw them away (see waste issues above), so that’s all ok.

Which is not to say that this doesn’t suck. It does. And I have no idea what happens from here. No fucking idea. But right now, I am in good company, writing and reading and drinking tea. And tonight I get on the train to travel up the coast to Seattle.

Which is to say that the world will continue to turn and I will be ok.

8 Comments on “some old, same old”

  1. May says:

    It sucks, it really does. I’m sorry.

  2. tattooedmamma says:

    I’m sorry. I’m glad you’re with friends and getting support.

  3. pepibebe says:

    I’m late to read this post (& I never replied to your lovely long email and I so meant to and still will), and I’m so sorry to read this. Aroha from NZ

  4. Isa says:

    Well, shit. I don’t have the password so i wasn’t reading along, but I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work. Also sorry to hear that someone is defending their asthmatic pug with guns, because I feel like something that pathetic can probably just depend on the kindness of strangers to get by. I’d love the password, if you’re up for sending it. And on the off chance that you read my blog, I moved. I’m at

  5. […] is, but sometimes the unfairness is just so fucking unfair. It is not the only thing that has been Not Right lately; that doesn’t make it any less […]

  6. Dresdem says:

    Thinking of you today. Xxxxxooo

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I love the posts I can see. Is there a way I can get the password? My email is below if yes. . I’d love to keep folllowing the journey.

  8. ToniB says:

    I don’t know if you got my last message about meeting you at Mono Loco, but I thought you might be interested in this blog written by a friend of mine:

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