CD 1.  I wasn’t sure I’d ever write that in relation to myself, but I am.  Bloodwork within the next couple days.  I hear the lab guy at the cheater RE is nice.  But I did love my old lab people so much. I wonder if this new guy will be willing to give me gauze and paper tape rather than a big stupid wrap?

2 Comments on “incipiencey”

  1. A wrap? Is this geriatrics? Whatever happened to bandaids?

    The baby factory uses cotton and tape, which is nice except I can’t bend my arm. But there is something comforting in that big lump in my elbow — I have an INJURY, it screams to me. What happened to me is REALLY IMPORTANT. There, there, elbow; I know. It’s gonna be okay.

  2. emilyj67 says:

    you GO, CD1 girl! and seriously. what happened to a little cotton ball for 15 minutes?

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