world of dairy

Y’all, I am making yogurt from goat milk. I am so excited by the goat milk. The goat in question is so cute. So cute.  That’s her on the left, having her chin scratched.  She lives in paradise, which is only a short bus ride away from me.
Also, my cup overfloweth with cow’s milk, as I only finished about half of last week’s half gallon and this week’s is waiting for me to pick up. I’ve made a half-assed (lots of halves in this paragraph) version of cottage cheese where the milk just sits out on the counter overnight and then I salt it, but it tasted about like you’d expect for the amount of effort put in. So this time, I’ll try a recipe.  My thermometer is one battery short – and there’s only one battery in the damn thing – so I will have to find a battery to fit it before I start.  And some cheese cloth.  I seem to be out.

Look!  It’s a post without a list!  You’re welcome.


2 Comments on “world of dairy”

  1. I don’t mind a list, especially if there a goats.

  2. pepibebe says:

    Hehe, tastes like you’d expect for the amount of effort you put in. Excellent description.

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