other things of note

I got some new chickens.  They are Kourtney, Kim, Klhoe, and Rob.  Along with Kate, the last chicken standing, they are the Kardashian-Olsens.  Kate doesn’t seem to like them very much. Or, at least she is very busy squawking at them.  Not to busy to lay eggs, though, for which I am grateful.  Chickens are sort of a pain, but buying eggs is bullshit.

Inspired by my recent visit to Indigo House, I put up some tomatoes. It was really a great deal I happened onto. See, the nice lady at my CSA has been too busy growing tomatoes to can any of her own, so she gave me about a million tomatoes and I did the canning and we will split the jars. Perfect, yes? Yes.

I used ye olde internetz and found these guys, whose canning deal looked do-able, and I dove right in.  I have 8 pint jars of Juliets, which are like romas, and 8 quart jars of some other sort of tomato.  It really wasn’t that hard, although I did have to reprocess a few jars whose seals were for shit.  I am pretty proud. I am also hopeful that I don’t give my nice farmer family botulism.  As a side note, I’ve discovered, given my n of 3 (me and those two nice guys in the above link), that gay people like to can tomatoes.  Also, we like to drink beer and eat chinese food.

Summer is ending.  Now, don’t think for a minute I had the summer off.  The mortgage still has to be paid.  So I did a little summer camp and it was fine.  Only until noon, which is almost like not work.  And only six weeks, so I could return to the classroom refreshed.  Re.  Freshed.  Or something.  Anyway, I went to school for a bit yesterday, to tidy a little for the parent meeting that was scheduled for the evening and I ended up hauling around a bunch of furniture.  All new in September, kids!  Well, it would be all new to them anyway, since they are so small.  It’s not done yet by a long shot, but I think I’ve made for an easy work week for me and cho-girl.


And to round out this all about me post (really, are there any post that are not all about me?), I have my annual summer spider bites.  Oozy and itchy.  There’s no picture.  You’re welcome.

8 Comments on “other things of note”

  1. My comment disappeared. I like this post. Canned tomatoes. New chickens. Rearranged Montesssori class. Good good good.

    I hope your heart is well.

  2. figgymommy says:

    Canning tomatoes is a fav of these two queers, as well, so you can make that n 5 instead.

  3. svgleroy says:

    panoram it, sister.

  4. elsie says:

    Welcome new chickens and sorry you were carrying furniture around. I love the idea of canning tomatoes but I never get around to it. Hoping to pickle some okra if the plants ever decide to start producing. Look forward to hearing more about your evening at Indigo House.

  5. Anna Alter says:

    I am extremely jealous of your canning prowess.

  6. Beer and Chinese food is a powerful basis for political coalition.

  7. pepibebe says:

    I wonder if you are still writing…I’m late to find your blog but I like it a lot. I swear too, also a lot. Not so much on my blog yet. My wife and her brother think it’s hilarious as I look as sweet as pie (so they say) but swear like the daughter of a fisherman – which I am.

    I’m also considering a chicken post. We have two at present. Both named Patch, after the first chicken who was called Patch (although that turned out not to be her name), she’s now dead, but we did have 3 called Patch simultaneously. My dad’s idea, I suppose it’s lucky they weren’t all named Fucking Patch. But then that would have become very long as they already need additional descriptors as it is – e.g Black Fucking Patch, Fucking First Patch, Stupid Patch Fucker etc.

    Perhaps I will write that chicken quote – it seems to be coming along nicely already 😉

  8. CJ says:

    I am updating the link listing for Lesbian Family. Can you please drop me a current email address for your blog at dontlicktheferrets@gmail.com?


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