I am currently waiting for tomorrow’s beta.  And fake-uphostering/slipcovering a chair.
I am taking, in no particular order:

  • pre-natals
  • baby asprin
  • lovenox
  • dexamethazone
  • otc folic acid
  • prescription folate
  • estrodiol
  • prometrium
  • crazy Chinese herbs in tea form

I am feeling a little crampy

I am sleeping for shit and waking a million times a night to pee.  (One of the wonders of infertility is that the various meds one can take do all the things that various hormones would do if one were in the early stages of a “regular” pregnancy, thus producing pregnancy symptoms, regardless if one is knocked up or no.  Fun!)

I am pretty chill, re this cycle working, for no good reason.  Or maybe it is the “steroid euphoria”?  Whatever it is, I’ll take it.

I am doing restorative yoga with props brought over by T of Tuesday Fame.  Props are fun!

I am also doing some little qi gong, as per my acu told  me to.  First and second brocades, if you care about such things.  I sort of love it.  Or maybe that’s the steroid euphoria speaking.

I am getting a prog check with tomorrow’s beta, because if that shit is low, I want to bump it right away.
I am a little tired of my blog template.  Maybe I will fuck with it tomorrow.

Beta in the morning, y’all.  Beta in the motherfucking morning.

8 Comments on “currently”

  1. Eureka! Use the tuna brocades on the chair! Two birds! One stone!

  2. svgleroy says:

    Mother fucking morning.

  3. Anna Alter says:

    You are blogging again! Welcome back.

  4. J says:

    Fingers crossed.

  5. littlebabushka says:

    Word up. Crossy crossed. Like the new blog. Like you blogging. Like you. xo

  6. Cristina says:

    Waiting here with you, down under. Left over pumpkin hot cakes for lunch (sugarless but still quite yummy), and many cups of tea. x

  7. Emily says:

    waiting for results with you! (and why the decadron? I took that lovely steroid during cancer — obv for different reasons — but why is it in the ttc mix? and oh, if you haven’t taken it before, just a little word to the wise that the withdrawal from it can make one a bit emotional…)

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