some time

Oh, hello there, as my grandpa used to say. Hello. It has been some time hasn’t it? It has. And guess what? Three guess. First two don’t count. Yes! You got it. I’m still infertile.

But that’s boring, old news. Boring and old. Entertainingly, there is little else going on that is new and interesting. Maybe I’ll make y’all a list! I love a list.

  • school: was good, challenging in the full sense of that word, but good. Challenging like cho-girl and I took a deep breath at the end and said “whew.” And also said, “damn, us, we do some good work, gold Montessori stars for us.”Also, I am working camp some this summer. Until noon, so it almost doesn’t count. The paychecks also almost don’t count either.
  • home: also good, if less challenging. One of the remaining chickens went broody for damn near three weeks in June and so egg production is for shit. What this boils down to is that they aren’t getting the fancy organic local food this summer (see also paycheck as mentioned above), because I’m not going to spring for that shit if I don’t get enough eggs to give away. The cats are shedding with abandon, except for dear Louise who manifest her grief for her late brother by over-grooming rather horribly. Poor Louise. The kittens are big, but still kittens and Fifi is old and just as hateful, though sweet to me.

other random things:

  • Super CLAW was last month and there are lots of other places on ye olde internete that talk about it, so I’ll just say that it was fab. And I got a shirt. And another shirt to send to my cousin, who is an official for roller derby
  • Speaking of my cousin, I went to LA and it was great. Saw my afore mentioned cousin and we laid around in bed together taking and drinking coffee and she braided my hair for me everyday, like her mom used to do for us when we were little girls and we went to the beach.
  • I had The Spring of Company, which was pretty much the biggest treat ever. In order of arrival, not importance: Anna with her delightful tiny fam, the Bionics, who have already blogged the trip, if you want deets, Hard Girl and her not so tiny fam, and then trailing at the end of May, aj , who sadly didn’t stay with me, but did come over for whiskey. Yay! Company!
  • I am on the train for a super secret trip to Brooklyn. Well, not really secret, bt I didn’t tell lots of people I was coming up. Just a couple folks. I am going to lay around and read and eat and visit and not make myself crazy trying to see fifty bah-thousand people. But I’m going to go to the bra store. Woo! The bra store.

What else? Is that enough catching up for y’all? And by “y’all” I mean “the two of you that are still reading”.


7 Comments on “some time”

  1. nutella says:

    Still reading, I love me a good bra store. Gold stars for you, but maybe not for your broody chickens. Today for lunch, I had chicken kebab over rice and salad and 2 amazing local apricots for dessert.

  2. reproducinggenius says:

    Well, it’s enough for now. 😉 I always love me a starrhillgirl update.

    We have an overgrooming kitty. Feliway helps her sometimes; have you tried it?

    And since nutella logged her lunch, I’ll share mine too (since I finished it whilst reading your post): frozen leftover veggie shepherd’s pie with lots of brussels sprouts and turnips–made almost entirely from the contents of a late winter farm share box (hence the abundance of roots).

  3. Cristina says:

    I’m so glad to see a post from you. Go you with the school work. We have found a great one for next year. I think you’d like it.


  4. Jeannine says:

    I always read to the end, and it is never enough 😉 hope summer is pleasant enough for you and wish I could come visit…maybe next summer…who knows…do you have any plans to come to Seattel I know you have friends here…let me know, would love to see you.

  5. thegeorgie says:

    Wait – you’re going to the bra store? Can I come?

  6. I will never stop reading you.

  7. As my cousin Marcus, who was a grandfather if not my own, used to say, Sugar! How in the world are you?


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