omfg kittens!

JFC, I hate doing pictures in WP.  Why is it so hard?  Or, alternatively, why am I so dumb?

Anyway, let’s cover the kitten portion of the update!  Who doesn’t love a kitten?  Not me, that’s not who.  How many negatives is that?  Are those past sentences even sensible?  To be clear, I love a kitten.  Hell, I love two kittens!  And, yes, I got some more kittens.

Back in the spring, May, I think, a friend’s 11 year old spent the weekend with me and, poor child, she had never been to the SPCA!  Such neglect.  So I took her.  And I was strong, my friends.  Strong.  The main area of cats was full of sweet and soft kitties and we petted everyone.  And I was still strong as we moved into the kitty overflow area, which is just a hallway with extra cages full of kittens.  And we petted everyone of them, too. Until we got to the last cage, where I popped open the door to hold the kittens.  Because I’d been strong, so I was sure I could handle a little kitten snuggle.  And the little black one was so funny with his giant ear hair!  What bad could come of holding him?  No bad.  I was sure.  But then I picked him up and held him by my neck and he felt just like Walter, Jr.  And I knew I had to take him home with me.  But he had this sister…. I could hardly afford one more cat, let alone two. So forget it.  But!  It was two for one day!  Two kittens for the price of one!

And so now they live with me.  Walter III, who you can call Trip, and Bernice, who loves with the truest heart.  I have yet to regret getting them.

(Pictures courtesy of LB, who logs her lunch, but never blogs.)

5 Comments on “omfg kittens!”

  1. Emily says:

    omfg your fabulous green cabinets and red kitchen! And sweet kittens.

  2. my adoration for trip’s ear hair is well established, but omfg, where have bernice’s delicious lips been all my life?? like a built-in sneer…only ADORABLE.

  3. Anna Alter says:

    They really have grown! I need to see their bellies.

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