here i am II

Ok, so remember I used to be sort of funny?  Sometimes, I mean.  Before infertility beat me down?  Before everything sort of fell apart last month?

(Um, yeah.  I clearly didn’t really tell you about all that.  Uh, sorry?)

Anyway, yes.  Here I am.  Fertility on the back burner.  Trying to make it through.  But here I am, as cho-girl and I used to say.

Speaking of cho-girl, we are back in the saddle at school.  And, predictably, it is kicking my ass.  However, I also get fun things like a 1 year old noticing a classmate changing clothes:

Child: “naked?”

Me:  “Yes, she’s naked.  She must be changing her clothes.”

Child takes self up to other part of classroom to watch.  I want to give him a big A+ on his toddler report card, but I don’t because we are all about intrinsic motivation.

There are, yes, many good things to be learned in my class. This is not to say that this is a funny, but to point out (to me)  that there is more to my life than slogging along the “path” of infertility.

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