just quick

It has been one of the harder, more broken weeks of my life, for more reasons than I care to lay out here.  But.  It is getting better.

And we just had the first real summer-type rainstorm.  Fast and windy and hard.  And timed perfectly with the placement of the sun so as to make one of those rainbows Starrhill is so good at.

More soon, y’all.


4 Comments on “just quick”

  1. meridith says:

    it was an excellent rainstorm. hope there’s sun for you behind it 🙂

  2. theclitremedy says:

    Exactly what Meridith said. Hoping it’s one of those cool metaphor-y things.

  3. the injector says:

    sending you love. be well. xoxo

  4. a good summer storm is one of the most cathartic things there is. i hope some badness got released for you.


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