Came home to a message from the appraisal guy that he wants to come tomorrow at noon.  Fuck me.

Call him back after consults with Friend Ex-Wife of Nice Appraiser, Neighbor From Jersey Who Can Make Up Good Lies, Husband of T of Tuesday Fame.  Leave message saying I can’t make tomorrow because there is no one to watch the children at school.  It is all about the children.

Things Undone:

  • fence broken by Snow Of the Century torn down
  • porch railing fixed, sanded and primed
  • sofits patched where starlings have moved in
  • weird, un-dry-walled spots mudded
  • curtain to cover up open closet in north bedroom
  • lots of yard shit (edging,
  • wood moving

Yikes.  LB is on her way over.  With wine and willing hands and heart.  Thank you, baby Jesus, for the gift of my people.

One Comment on “monday”

  1. Lovin yOOoo is easy cause your beautiful la la la la la…

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