to-do sunday

  • wake up
  • skype date with Clem (yeah, you’re jealous)
  • make coffee
  • drink coffee
  • talk to the gf (she’s away)
  • blog
  • make yogurt
  • freak out about amount of houses stuff to do
  • dust stairs
  • make list of to-buys for refi upfit
  • move wood outside (ugh)
  • make salsa
  • sort and prioritize alterna-fertility supplements
  • freak out about amount of house stuff to do *and* proximity of IVF
  • drop purged books at recycling center
  • pick up LB
  • go to T’s for Sunday not Tuesday goodness, get talked down from freak outs
  • go to  – ugh – Lowes (gift card found! woo and mfing hoo!)
  • paint closet doors with T
  • add to to-do list
  • dust and tidy “sideboard”
  • purge hanging vases and dust
  • dust corner hutch
  • make some lunch type thing
  • remember yogurt in oven (!)
  • mow grass before rain!
  • dust hanging lamp in dining room
  • chat with nieghbors
  • make curtain for under sink
  • go to bed

Yes, I put somethings on here that I had already done.  It’s making me feel better.

And yes, I am adding as the day goes on.  Refresh early and often to stay current!

6 Comments on “to-do sunday”

  1. yes, indeed i am jealous.

    but i spent the day with 5, count ’em FIVE of my aunts. and some great korean food. (and some terrible speeches, including one featuring “a quote from Eli Weasel”….) so that’s okay too.

  2. bp says:

    Tres efficace!

  3. Dohn says:

    Oh, Sunday is so yesterday…and now it is for you, too!

    That’s a shipload of accomplishments.

  4. theclitremedy says:

    I am *so* chuffed that I was no. 2 on your list, although I do realise that it was retrospective.

    Maybe I will do one for this weekend….and Skype date with Starrhillgirl can be number one thing so I will already feel a sense of accomplishment.

  5. […] Published May 30, 2010 Uncategorized Leave a Comment Thanks be to Starrhillgirl for this idea. No […]

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