My internet, oh how it is lacking to me.  Vous me manquez, aussi.  And my high school French serves me poorly, again.

Any.  Way.  Things of note:

* Old man cat love – so fab.  Thanks, y’all, is what I really mean.  He was a sweet old man and his passing was as good as it could have been:  in front of the fire, a parent from school with her vet’s bag of tricks and her children playing in the next room, visits from my mom and cho-girl before hand and my good roommate to hold off the vein so I could sit by his head.  We buried him in the side yard by the acusa dogwood.  And by we, I mean the gf and the good roommate did the digging and I said encouraging things.

* I’ve been trying to catch up on my internet people and, lord y’all, it’s hard.  There are a lot of you and you’re all so interesting.  But in doing so, I came across the blog of a RL friend who is taking a motorcycle trip through mf-ing Central and South America.  God damn. I mean, for real.

* No insems this month (ahhh, I LOVE saying month, not “cycle”).  It’s been over a year since I had a cycle without prog and I wonder how long this one will be.  I’m not off the horse, not by a long shot but a break sure is nice.

*I get to hang out with LB for the second time this week!  Go me!

* The gf is making kimchi jjigae.  And in other Korean food news, she brought galbi tang to school for my lunch yesterday and end stayed to have lunch with cho-girl and me and our tiny lunch companions.  My boss had brought me some of the best french fries in the world and two pickles plus there was left over guacamole that my intern (I have an intern!) had helped the children make, so we divided everything up and had a very multi-cultural feast.  Let’s have a show of hands from those of us who eat their french fries with chopsticks.  And log your lunch.  More pics from Cali of mama and baby lunches when I get back onto my computer.


One Comment on “juhs-tuh-fi-key-shuh”

  1. bionicbrooklynite says:

    how perfect then, that for lunch today Sugar made us chap chae. (cheated slightly, with bean thread rather than sweet potato and with cold chicken cut from the very sweet and tender roast one we had for thursday dinner.)

    does the gf have korean recipe sources to recommend? pretty please?

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