Paved with

Can you believe how lame I am? Nothing for days.


Also? It snowed. Again. Lord.

Just for fun, log your lunch. If you’re good, I’ll post a beautiful picture of Cali’s pretty lunch from the other day. Yes, she sends me pictures of food. Yes, you should be jealous. No, I cannot figure out how to make links on this tiny handheld thingy.

9 Comments on “Paved with”

  1. Tricia says:

    I love that you keep committing to these nablowme things and lasting a handful of days. It makes me feel close to you. It’s not lunchtime yet, but I’ll tell you that yesterday I had leftover cauliflower curry and brown rice. It was only okay.

    I am envious of your snow.

  2. nutella says:

    Just finished up some tuna with onion, black pepper, mayo, and corn on the last slice of homebaked whole wheat oatmeal bread.

    Tricia, you can have as much snow as you want, we are OVER it here.

  3. breathingmoss says:

    Yesterday I had a smoothie for lunch. Banana, blueberry, coconut milk, water, cinnamon, nutmeg, spirulina, flax oil, fish oil, and rice protein. Today it’s going to be leftover 13 bean soup from the crock pot, when lunchtime reaches the west coast.

    I am not envious of your snow. I moved to the NW from Utah in part to say farewell to the stuff. Good luck!

  4. twohotmamas says:

    Perhaps I’ll send you my lunch when it gets here (J is downstairs checking on it). E-mail? Delicious home-made pot pie with left overs from the chicken she roasted the other night. This is, hands down, the best pot pie I’ve ever had in my entire life. I kid you not.

  5. bionicbrooklynite says:

    Lunch was the handful of NC-style pulled pork i jammed in my face when danish-friend-with-toddler called me out to go sledding. (bbq was made by a fellow nc ex-pat and HOLY SMOKES it was good).

    Lunch II was a big cup of cocoa and the biscuit i made when we came back home, having spent an hour at the museum rather than the park and having learned a valuable lesson about hubris in blizzard conditions.

  6. Christine says:

    I had lunch with two former coworker friends: Tomato basil soup with extra bread and the homemade marshmallows I brought to share.

  7. elsie says:

    leftover beef and winter squash tangine. Delish. I am ready to see dirt instead of snow. Bring on the mud season.

  8. bean says:

    um, apple and custard scroll thingy from bakery on the way to coles… terrible.

  9. Calliope says:

    I want pot pie now!!

    My lunch sucked. I tried to make mac & cheese in a crock pot and it turned into orange rubber. Sorry- just couldn’t inflict your inbox with a photo of it. I’ll do better tomorrow.

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