Here I am.  Just back from …. birth class.  No, no.  I’m not knocked up.  I’m taking it for my doula certification.  You’ll remember, you old timers, you, that I took a weekend long doula training class.  And it was great.  And birth work is great, what I can do of it – teaching sort of gets in the way of being on call for births.  Having taken the training, but not completed the certification process, I can attend births, but I cannot claim to be a “certified” doula.  To be certified, I have to write up six births I’ve attended and take a birth education class, in addition to other things I’ve already done.  Well, a friend is offering a free birth education class, so I figured I’d take it and be all the closer to certified.

And it’s great.  Yep.  Great.  Full of interesting information and well balanced with regards to intervention-heavy vs. intervention-free birth.

And it’s hard to sit through – writing a birth plan or visualizing my cervix opening like a flower seems rather akin to prodding an almost healed puncture wound with a chopstick.

And it’s straight.  Yes, friends, you’d think I’d know at this point that coupled, straight people have babies and most of them have no real, true idea that I exist.  Nobody’s mean, or hateful, or anything like that.  It’s simply as if they have *no idea* single mothers, or lesbians, or any other differently familed people might be giving birth, too.


6 Comments on “glutonous”

  1. Christine says:

    hi! i am also in the c******** area, thinking of taking doula classes. i would love to hear what you did and what you thought about it.

  2. bionicbrooklynite says:

    ain’t it the truth? my RE’s website explicitly mentions same-sex couples, how happy they’ll be to help us, etc.

    and yet, every time i call to schedule an IUI, I get:

    “Do you have a partner?” [so far so good; inclusive of the single moms. i like. but then:]

    “What’s his last name?”


  3. Tricia says:

    I am very happy and lucky to know you (and others like you) exist. And I wish I could have been one of those births you attended. I blame Clem for coming early.

    Wish our visit could have lasted at least a month.

  4. Calliope says:

    I continue to think you are full of the awesome.

  5. bean says:

    hello! amazing things happening – so pleased to hear from you again… (hmm, less amazing noisy roof though – good luck with that.) lunch – boiled egg, and sao biscuits with butter and promite.

  6. fatbiscuit says:

    i know you exist. and i think you’d be a great doula and a great mom. duh!

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