day two

Yes, I am 2 for 2.

See, the issue with blogging, and my internet life in general, has been a hardware issue.  There seems to be something wrong with the antenna in my laptop and I can only pick up a wireless signal if I sit right by a router.  And the router I make use of is in my neighbors’ study.  So I am not so much on line these days.  Or, rather, I’m on line with my tiny handheld thing, which is great – wow, is it great – but not so conducive to typing anything longer than 3 characters.  Oh, the excuses.

I just *know* you’ve missed hearing  the quotidian details of my life.  Yes, you’ve been crying until your eyes bleed, hitting refresh over and over again these many months, waiting, in vain, it seemed, for a post with more to it than what I ate for lunch.

Poor you!  So let’s play catch up!  Oh boy!  Here’s the list version, which is, as you may know, my favorite version. Let’s all agree that this is not an exhaustive list, ‘kay?

  1. Work.  School is great.  As in, really, really fucking great.  I have an amazing class, an amazing assistant, an amazing intern (An intern?  Me?!  I feel so legit.) and we are collectively doing amazing things like all wearing underpants and usually keeping them clean and dry!  Woo and hoo!
  2. The snow.  JFC, the snow.  And there’s more coming?  I heart snow days.
  3. Infertility.  It bites.  And it’s close companion, lack of funds, also bites.  Still slogging along, though.  Don’t despair.  Mostly I don’t.  Mostly.
  4. Affianced.  Oh, quit laughing.  I still have all sorts of issues with the institution itself, but, weirdly, I really want to do it.  More on this later.
  5. Housing.  I have, for the first time ever, asked a roommate to move out.  It kind of sucks.  Not the roommate, although he’s not ideal, but the asking.  Conflict avoidant is the appropriate self-help-y terms, I think.
  6. Food.  My old CSA stopped being a CSA.  They only do wine now.  Which is great, but, y’all, I want food, too.  So now I have a new CSA.    Also, The chicken are laying 2 or 3 eggs a day now.
  7. Lunch, natch.  Left over spicy beef thingy from the hot new Chinese place.  Woo!  Hot!

Wasn’t that the most gripping news you’ve heard all day?  Now, tell me your lunch.

5 Comments on “day two”

  1. Adriana says:

    Congrats, love! I’m so excited!!!!
    Can I help you people find outfits???

    So GLAD you never had to ask me to move out!

    We have the same CSA!
    Shall we hang out one day?

  2. bionicbrooklynite says:

    wow, your students are ahead of mine. i haven’t actually asked them about clean underwear, you understand, but i have a hunch.

    lunch was dull — threw some chinese takeout leftovers in a skillet — but the valium chaser over at the Baby Mill was very nice. subtle but effective.

  3. Calliope says:

    number 4

    and awesome
    yay to you and the lucky one that nabbed you

  4. Clean and dry underwear… I hear ya on this one! 🙂

  5. bp says:

    Everything Calliope says!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW and WOOOW and I wish there were bigger Caps on this thing!!
    congratulations. you are both amazing and wonderful and I am so very very very happy for you.


    (and yes, I do refresh my browser in the hopes of finding a post from you)

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