Here it is DayOne of nablopothingy and I almost didn’t post. There are a host of Computer Issues that have made my Internet Life complicated. Or, if you’d rather, Complicated. Anyway. How about a list? Or rather, how about a list. Because Ima write one weather you say yes or no.

*it snowed
*there was no school. Woo!
*I went in anyway.
*recent loads of firewood have been more or less for shit. Thus, I am cold. Ish. Not really too cold; don’t worry.
*the laundry room pipes thawed today and I am frantically washing clothes.
*I will start walking to school again. I will. And not just because my car is not yet dug out.
*I have a broken and sometimes noisy turbine roof vent. I have no idea what to do about it. I have a gf who can’t sleep well under the best of circumstances and this is not helping. Woo.
*I also have half the house left to vacuum and dinner to pull out of my figurative ass.

Exciting times in Starrhill.

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