one is sliver and the other gold

New and new-to-me blogs:

  • Old-time IVP, but somehow I just never got over to see her blog.  Stupid me, this one is smart.
  • Old-time friend, new-time blogger.  Amazing pictures.  Cali, I have this idea you’ll love this one.

Check it out.  And by it, I mean them.

And lunch.  Sunday was brunch in Adams Morgan at Mondu, which does a fabulous Korean brunch.  Monday, sushi back in Central Va, because the gf is reading Garlic and Saphires and wanted soba, which they didn’t have.  Tuesday was back to my current summer lunch special:  cut up tomatoes with fancy salt and rice wine vinegar, potatoes boiled until the skins split with butter and fancy salt and string beans with chile.  All local, all the time.  Except the salt.  Log your lunch, please.


9 Comments on “one is sliver and the other gold”

  1. Yay for lunch! Yesterday was sushi and a coke in the grand central food court (where i was a lady let her pit bull pee and pee and pee on the floor). Not my favorite, especially with the lunch crowd, but i needed something STAT after learning important lessons about what happens when you combine self-inflicted dehydration (in the service of holding long enough for an OPK), hot city walking, and blood tests.

    I’ll try to do better for you today.

  2. whoa. “i was” up there should be “i watched”. though i have some lovely pit bull friends, i do not have a pit bull. and i’m not much of a lady.

  3. dyslexia! i think “was” was intended to be “saw”. mystery solved. i will now proceed to comment so much on your blog that it amounts to a hostile takeover. la la la!

  4. calliope says:

    yay for blogs with photos! Totally just added your friend to my reader. wooo!
    Yesterday’s lunch was turkey BLT on sourdough. I waited too long to eat it and the bread got a bit hard and did one of those scrapes of the roof of my mouth and then the tomatoes HURT. but it was all still yummy.

  5. Christy says:

    Where the heck are you? I used to live in the next neighborhood away from Adams Morgan and had no idea you were (potentially) so close.

  6. radial leftovers today:
    corn/frech mozz pizza
    blueberry/peach pie

  7. LB says:

    spready herby cheese with yellow tom and arugula on baguette.

  8. Tricia says:

    My lunch today was a salad and a hummus sandwich with cucumbers and lettuce.

    And I miss you.

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