i can’t get this image to show up, or why am i so stupid about this shit

Here, have a link instead:  what it’s like here these days.

My internet comes and goes at will.  Now, I’m all for freedom, but please, internet, at least stick to your curfew and be home after dark.

Other things:

  • I heart colons.  The punctuation kind, although I am also grateful for the services provided by the one I carry with me all the time.
  • The heat has broken, thank you baby Jesus.
  • I had  dream while I took my nap this afternoon that the gf came back early from her (stupid) camping trip and snuck (sneaked?) up behind me and I knew it was her by how her hands felt in mine and the smell of her neck.  Then the dream got sort of weird, but when has anyone ever talked about a dream *not* being weird?
  • On account of some staffing shake-ups at my school, I am sort of running tomorrow night’s parent meeting (yes, the one you’ll remember from last year where I did absolutly nothing.).  HA!  Hahahaha.  This ought to be good.
  • Yes, school is starting.  I almost embrace it.  In large part because I have not one but two returning students and I’ll make them take care of everything.  CHO-girl and I will sit back and chillax.  They’ll be 3 soon!  They’ll be fine!
  • Sometimes I wish I had the wearwithall to go fix all the inconsistancies in my blog.  Sometimes.
  • I’m off to the Valley to have bolgogi with The Cutest Family of the Valley.
  • Perseids  tomorrow.
  • I also heart StarDate.

Lunch:  leftover boxed mac and cheese with sabzi my best roommate made last night, with an afternoon snack of coffee (!) and bread and butter with jam from my mama.


6 Comments on “i can’t get this image to show up, or why am i so stupid about this shit”

  1. Clemency says:

    Woo! A post…several posts! And a link to my own to remind that I haven’t posted since March 8th. Gulp.

    Don’t know if you got this comment off Skype but yes the gf is *totally gorgeous*. Sorry if you’re reading this, gf, but you are. More shorts shots please.


    PS. Oh, lunch. I’m home sick today (first sickness since the Washington visit in Feb…amazing) so my lunch was unspectacular – leftover rocket and lettuce leaf salad with capsicum, avocado, tuna and boiled egg. Banana for dessert. And dark chocolate.

  2. reading your blog improves my lunches, i think. i was hoping i’d get to say “leftover okra pizza!” today, because it was so good and so surprising, but Somebody took it, i guess. so it’s: sandwich of: last 2 bits of prosciutto, slightly burned fried green tomatoes, and some manchego bits. pretty good, although the burned cornmeal made it taste oddly of popcorn.

  3. calliope says:

    I have been so bad about logging my lunch with you. Today I had vegetables! woo!

  4. Tricia says:

    Tuesday – leftover tabouli and green beans
    Today I worked at a cafe where I had a cobb salad and a lemonade. Tonight I am lunch for mosquitos, which we are not supposed to have up here. If you can’t have fireflies, you shouldn’t have to have mosquitos. (toes?)

  5. LB says:

    Today chips and homemade salsa.

  6. The injector says:

    good to hear what’s up with you. i would like details on the weird dream…dreams are just that weird…xoxo

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