Ha.  I think it’s hotter than that, but what do I know?

I broke down yesterday and bought tomatoes at the city market.  My farm share hasn’t had any yet – the result of a wet and relatively cool summer? – and, well, I fell hard for the very pretty ones LB’s farmer was selling.  I just couldn’t wait any longer.  And so, today’s lunch:

Tomato salad (one very large, very delicous tomato, snipped up basil, tiny diced red onion, pretty pink and minerally salt) and the last bits of some fancy hard cheese.

And now for my nap.  Long your lunch, y’all.


3 Comments on “92º”

  1. j says:

    Mussels and beer with mom on a deck overlooking the harbor!

  2. was in hypoglycemic despair, but found leftover pizza in the fridge! one slice spicy pepperoni, one slice corn and pancetta.

  3. Tricia says:

    Sunday – forgot lunch and had an early dinner instead.
    Today – cheddar and tomato sandwiches

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