wallowing in summer, or Looking Up


  • scrambled eggs with cheese and onions, toast, radish slices and tea for breakfast with TNG
  • arrival of the little bird at 8:30
  • swimming lesson at 11
  • a/c in the Benz seems to be working – woo!
  • towels and suits on the line
  • long nap for the little bird
  • watermelon drink with mint made into popsicles
  • watermelon rind waiting to be pickled
  • chicken coop nearly finished
  • house staying cool
  • raspberries almost ready, strawberries on their way out, roommate’s garden going great guns
  • still in bathing suit top – why take it off?

3 Comments on “wallowing in summer, or Looking Up”

  1. Emily says:

    oooh, that sounds like one *fine* day indeed. would love your pickled watermelon rind recipe — haven’t had that since family trips to KY in my childhood!

  2. Clemency says:

    Ugh, pickled watermelon rind sounds disgusting! Do people eat that?

    PS. I think it’s time that The New Girl had a new nickname, she’s not exactly new anymore.

    PPS. Glad things are looking up. Skype me!


  3. reproducinggenius says:

    My grandma has always been famous for her watermelon rind pickles. I haven’t had them in years! Yum!

    And spending the day in one’s bathing suit top is certainly a sign that summer is officially here. Hooray for that.

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