2 for 2

Or Two for Two, if you’d rather.

Here’s the source of my new favorite daily email:  Grammar Girl.  See, you go to the site and not only can you read all about Fun Grammar Stuffs, you can sign up to get one email a day delivered right to your very own inbox!  Woo!

Today, I went to a soccer game to watch Sophie fall and totally fuck up her ankle.  Poor kid.  she has crutches now, of which I’d bet she is very proud.  Her mama took her to the hospital and she got a brace that goes from her ankle to her mid-thigh, which “really sucks.”  Or so she says.  Then when they got back, her mama got attacked by one of their cats.  Quite the afternoon.

Lunch.  Bulgogi and collard greens, boiled and then well buttered.  The market started a few weeks ago and all I want to do is eat greens all day.  Log your lunch, please.


10 Comments on “2 for 2”

  1. Hard boiled egg, spinach and mozz sandwich, apple, oatmeal cookie (stolen).

  2. fatbiscuit says:

    three welsh cakes, beeyotch!!!

  3. elsie says:

    pretzels and a lime diet coke b/c I was late for a date in Nelson County. Meanwhile the tuna salad and homemade wheat bread languished in the fridge, cold and lonely.

  4. p.s.
    I am no longer speaking to Fatbiscuit.

  5. bp says:

    tortillas and spanish omelet

  6. gypsygrrl says:

    chicken quesadilla with sour cream & salsa at the community college cafeteria ~ with crazy nursing student friends.

    love that you are writing again. i miss your voice when you are quiet…


  7. Christine says:

    Hungarian mushroom soup that my partner made Sunday afternoon.

  8. The injector says:

    you are back! kale/whitebean soup and dill havarti sandwich from the coop.
    i decided to no longer finger and toe cross when it comes to trying to get knocked up. so no fingers crossed:)xoxo

  9. Tricia says:

    Kind of skipped lunch because I had the rare opportunity to sleep late and then ate hodgepodge throughout the day. (oh wait, that was the 19th. Whatever.)

    I hope sophie’s workin’ the crutches bit for all it’s worth. I know I did when I had a similar situation in 10th grade.

  10. bean says:

    home made hot cross bun and cup of tea. half a left over squashed banana too…

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