can’t walk for running

Now, had this been yesterday’s post – yesterday at 4 am to be precise – y’all’d be reading something totally different.  Yesterday, inspite of lots of good things, was for shit.  Sometimes days are like that.

But then – *then* – my friends, came the time for my most favorite of all xmastime events:  The Country Christmas Show.  All those caps are legit, not an ironic one among them.  Oh, it was fab this year, y’all.  Songs about chocolate Jesus, girls in sparkly dresses and Jim Waive in my favorite suit.  Christmas songs and liquor in a flask; plastic Santa statues and a sing-a-long at the end.

And folks, of course.  So many it would be an exercise in long-winded-ness to try to list them all.  You can imagine it, I am sure.  Not all my people were there, but enough of them that the lack of the others was like a sweet remembering of them, a wishing that almost made manifest.

I’ve had a house guest for days who just left this morning; there’s been marathon crafting here with T of Tuesday fame and LB.  The neighbors drop by cards and presents.  The cats lay around by the fire and invitations come by phone and email for drinks and food.  There’s company due for dinner any minute, and yes, yes I do wish y’all were here, too.

It’s always better than I think.  Merry Everything.


One Comment on “can’t walk for running”

  1. gypsygrrl says:

    happy holidays to you and yours…
    much love,

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