live guest blogging instead of stripping

Here we are – sans stripper, without crotchless panties – waiting to have a “Bachelorette”  party for my most locally famous blogger/RL friend – Wistar Watts Murry.  The Plan, made up by the KP and me, was to break in to her blog and have all us guests write some little something (and by little, I mean dirty) for her.

Alas, when we tried to break into her blog – via passwords like “darren4eva” and “iheartkittens77” – we were met with failure.  So here we are, as I said.  Imagine me jumping out of a virtual cake.  Ok, actually, that’s the KP jumping out of the virtual cake.  Don’t tell me you’re surprised.

The Guest of Honor (heh) is due to arrive on the arm of her ever-charming fiance, the BBF.  He’s cute.  You can take it from me.


Huh.  So much for a picture – it’s really dark in here.

Hey, it’s Jennifer. I just took a picture of myself that Meghan thinks somehow looks prettyish. Hmmm? Here ya go:

jen at enoteca waiting for wistar watts murray, authoress extraordinaire

jen at enoteca waiting for wistar watts murray, authoress extraordinaire

Wistar, when are you going to get here to your surprise party. You’re 19 minutes late already. And we are getting dronk.  I asked Christos to jump out of a cake, but he said if I can’t make it to the wedding how can I jump out of a cake. Good point. I will jump out of a tiramisu when you arrive. I swear. I did a lot of cutting and pasting of DoDo from your Flickr gallery and I hope you approve. I love you.

MMS and MRM and MLM here.  Stupid first letter matching, Murrays suck.

MLM missed the photo shoot, lucky her.

never looked better

never looked better

Miller made Merrill cry.  But she’s OK now. SSSHHHHH here comes Wistar!

Word is she’s been eating sushi.  Mil and Meig had pasta six hours ago with kiddos.   So pleased Lang is here, she’s the best.

Are they really coming right now or is this a joke? Somebody recommended we hide in the bathroom.  We should have established this plan before 8:32.

Starrhillgirl needs to go to bed, I hope they hurry up.  More “let’s pop out” from Jennifer.  Should we say “happy birthday” or “happy easter” or “surprise” oh goodness this is stressful.  They are walking soooo slowly.  Wis must be wasted..

get down get down get down what are we saying 123 surprise!

***Let’s take note that Wistar actually said “EEEEEEE” when we all yelled.*****

Wis is here, whew.  Never looked better.

the starwatt of the show

the starwatt of the show


LB here,

There is a lot of lady up in here! I want to Wish W.W. M all the luck in the world.



P.S. call me when you are ready for a girl on girl affair.

6 Comments on “live guest blogging instead of stripping”

  1. bp says:

    I just tuned in. What a wonderful thing you are doing! Congratulations Wistar! Hi from me down here!!!

  2. Wistar says:

    Wow. Can you do this at the wedding too? I saw you at the end of the table with a laptop but I just thought you were checking Facebook or something. You can break into my blog’s back end anytime, baby, if you know what I’m sayin’. Password = iheartc****j*4eva.

  3. becca says:

    there’s a lot of CRAZY up in he’ah you mean.
    And obv. a lot of love for that darling couple.
    congrats, you two.

  4. gypsygrrl says:

    thats pretty crazy.
    starrhillgirl, can you please come up and live blog my nursing capping & pinning ceremony? please? you have over a year to plan. this is too much fun.

    i will even supply the laptop. and the blog password. and the USB port for the camera.

    you have some awesome fun friends!

  5. […] can best be summarized by our guests who filled out mad libs throughout the evening. In lieu of a live blog, I believe their combined words tell the tale: After four years of dating, Darren finally skunked […]

  6. I noticed that this is not the first time at all that you write about the topic. Why have you decided to touch it again?

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