the old ballgame

Yes, kids, I’m back at the theater.  Which will do little for my sleep account, but wonders for my emotional health.

Today was an extra long and rather horrific day at work and I had no time at my house, but I walked in to the theater and it was like home.  A million different tiny groups of people singing and designers and technician running around, actors putting on make-up and musicians talking.  It was the usual level of just controlled chaos of the night before preview.

Good lord, I am glad to be there.  With all my favorites and some gruby and fancy clothes to take care of.  With corsets and fake boobs and ratty overcoats.  With ladders and parasols and with paper fans and chairs.  From these things we make art.


8 Comments on “the old ballgame”

  1. Calliope says:

    oh the theatah! so so glad you are able to get renewed and restored by such a wonderful and creative world. I want to hear MORE!!

  2. Tricia says:

    nice snow! and say hi if there’s still anyone I know there…

  3. nutella says:

    I totally get it.

  4. jay says:

    sounds good!! i want to know more tooooo!

  5. reproducinggenius says:

    Oh, that’s so, so good.

    Love the snow. Where/how on earth did you get it?

  6. qweirdutah says:

    The theater – fun and such a powerful tool for social change.

  7. becca says:

    oh my! snow! i love the snow. and thinking about you tonight at the theater

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