it’s like i’m not even doing nablo-blahblah

Oh, right.  Because I’m not.  Unless somebody’s started something where you post Intermittently But No Less Than Once A Month.  It’s a little sad – I was so good last November.  Go ahead and check my archives if you don’t believe me.

Anyway.  My feed-reader in Mail seems to be broken, so I feel very behind the times – not keeping up with all of y’all.  Sometimes it tells me there’s new posts and sometimes it does not.  Weird.  And sorry.

Of note:

  • Katz is still my dream date, even after all the T. *swoon*
  • the view of the mountains from the top of Main st kick my ass every damn time I see it
  • there are 17 days of work between now and the end of 2008
  • there’s a fire and a soon to be vacated back room with guest potential – come on down to the Starr Hill Lesbian B&B

In other news, it’s CD 2.  That’s right.  We’re back on the horse – that pesky miscarriage won’t keep me down.  The RE says I’m good to go.  Let’s get this party started, y’all.


6 Comments on “it’s like i’m not even doing nablo-blahblah”

  1. bleu says:

    YAY for getting back on that horse!!

  2. vee and jay says:

    YAY indeed!! Got fingers crossed and hope for you. Always.

    Oh and 17 DAYS?! That blew my (jay’s) mind, though vee seems unruffled.

    As for your broken feedreader, pah. Try Bloglines – it works this end!


  3. the injector says:

    holding the torch of hope for you this time around!
    yay. for not much work between now and 2009.
    how far are you from Bethesda, Maryland?

  4. KG says:

    I’m coming to visit!! Hope the Lesbian B&B is still open for straight girl guests.

    Wish I knew what Nablo was…. So out of the loop.

  5. reproducinggenius says:

    Hooray for CD2 and coming back to the party! I have so much hope for you.

    Care to share the view of the muontains? I’m sure we would all enjoy having our asses kicked too. I know what you mean, though. I’ve been practically drooling over the fall colors any time I go out. It’s breathtaking.

  6. yup, another sara says:

    Congrats on being back on the crazy train! And the mere mention of a fire made me want to pack my bags and get to your place A.S.A.P. I think we are going to be in for a cold one up here!

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