adventures in live blogging and vanilla making

Oh, look!  We’re all live blogging and shit!  Me, cho-girl, Elsie and Little Babushka.  We totally wish you were here.

6:59 pm – Elsie outlines dinner options – pasta, pasta, or rice.  N.B. pasta option the first was for her to make pasta.  Lord.

So far we have mirated the gorgeously cute and medicinal bottles, set up the cheese, olive and bread course.  Cho-girl tries (again) to convince us to etch “vanilla” onto the aforementioned bottles.

Ummm….. not so live….  dinner break 7:32.  If one could call it a break – we haven’t done shit yet.

Look!  Pictures!  Guest blogged by cho-girl via photobooth.  Woo!

vanilla beans

all artsy and shit

8:27pm – here we go.  LB plans to put a bean – well, let’s not say where.  Oh, dear.  Discussion ensues about proportions.  Simply Recipes calls for 1 bean to 3 cups of vodka.  We like to play fast and loose with proportions in Starrhill, so – ah, crap;  we’re in Woolen Mills, not Starrhill.  So let’s say we go for something close to 1:3, yes?

As a side note, do those over the counter cold meds do *anything* of value?  I say no.

Back to the task at hand – tops are being taken off the jars, beans are being cut and split.  And being offered for me to put down my pants.  Oh, dear.

8:38 pm – all bottles are de-stickered, bean parts have been added to some.  Elsie starts pouring the vodka in, by way of a beautiful funnel.  Happliy we are all brought joy by simple things like funnels.  Wait.  Maybe that’s just me.

Elsie will be getting a mini milker!  It’s a done deal.  Then we will have milk for our next live blogging and food crafting adventure.

8:47 pm – huh.  We are out of vodka.  Opps.  This was all rather anti-climactic.  Now we just wait.  For 2 months.  Stay tuned.

For real, honest to god pictures, you can go visit LB.  And maybe cho-girl will put some up, too?


8 Comments on “adventures in live blogging and vanilla making”

  1. fatbiscuit says:

    i guess food preparation would be fun if you got to do it with friends. good luck with the outcome. you’ll never get that bean back from LB now!

  2. Calliope says:

    you guys crack me up.

  3. gypsygrrl says:

    i want some vanilla in two months!!!

  4. Pics on my blog.

  5. elsie says:

    Um, that mini milker? What exactly do you mean by “done deal”? I doubt Santa is going to be stuffing that mo fo down the chimney. And if he does I’m callin’ you Xmas morning to come dig post holes.

  6. cho-girl says:

    and would you believe it – pics on my ‘blog’ too

  7. bp says:

    y’all are way cute.

  8. yup, another sara says:

    oohh— I have been wanting to do this. You are my food craft (there has to be a better term than that) hero!

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