sight so fine

Miscarriages are fascinating and all, but damn, there are bigger fish to fry.

Now, here in Virginia it will be a long time coming before we get any sort of gay marriage anything happening, but the folks in Cali have got it going on.  For now.

I’d bet that anybody who reads Caved is already in full on support of letting love happen between whoever is lucky enough to feel it, but you can still stand up and speak for what’s right, just like my mama taught me.  Tell your people in California to vote no on Prop 8.

Taking folks’ rights away is bullshit.  Don’t stand for it.  Pass the word and pass it again:  No on Prop 8 in California.

(If you want to read about this for real, Lesbian Dad sums it up beautifully, as usual.  Go see.  Or Dorothy Surrenders – beware hot girls on her site, though.  Yikes!  Hot girls!)


4 Comments on “sight so fine”

  1. ernie says:

    happy to learn that you’re following in your mom’s foot steps. there are few women that i admire more. she, although younger, has been my insiration for oh so many years. she has exceled in so many endeavers in her life ( we don’t count hide and seek) that it is hard not to admire her strength and committment. i have learned to respect life and love all. without her inspiration i would not have had the strength to do what i am doing now. her model enabled me to make the choice to do what is more important than ME and to do what little i can to better life for others.
    i love you and all that you are.

  2. Emily says:

    well, I feel a little bit shallow commenting after that one, and not politically either, but damn. dorothy surrenders is now totally on my blogroll!

  3. we are heading up to the valley for a visit with the grandparents this weekend.. i always think of you as i bumble around 64/20/29… glad to see you posted again… for lunch today i’m having a salad with greens from my csa, organic roasted chickpeas, dried cherries, and local chevre.. what about you? Tomorrow, hopefully is the timing works out I’m having revol.utionary soup for lunch.

  4. Caroline says:

    All kinds of love, in every shape and in every incarnation, from me to you. Also, because I am no longer a CA resident, Frank voted with 2x force against Prop 8 for the both of us. It isn’t right to deny so many people equal rights and protection under the law.

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