too slow, as per usual

Today’s beta:  1504.  Not doubled from Tuesday’s (beautifully doubled) 1064.  Well, fuck.

Yes, yes, I know it’s not over till it’s over and I’ll admit to hanging onto some small hope, but fuck.

Wanding early next week, to see what there is to see.

Just breathe, as the kids say.


19 Comments on “too slow, as per usual”

  1. BTDTandthensome says:

    Once betas get over 1000, longer doubling times are normal. Even below 1000, they can take as long as 72 hrs to double and still be associated w/viable pg. GL w/the love wand. And remember to take your folic acid! 🙂

  2. jay says:

    Yep breathe and hope. I am breathing and hoping for you. xxxx

  3. bean says:

    so much hope from melbourne…

  4. vee says:

    Breathing with you honey. xxx

  5. The injector says:

    hope you can keep your mind set on calmness this weekend.
    be well!

  6. notesfrom2moms says:

    deep breathing in richmond..

  7. Olive says:

    I’m thinking of you.

  8. Selmada says:

    Betas start to slow down over 1000. And even before that, not all women have doubling betas. The wand will tell for sure.

  9. reproducinggenius says:

    Sending you hope and breath and love. I hope next week comes quickly.

  10. yup, another sara says:

    I am sending all my love and good wishes your way. I also echo the commenters above re: doubling times slowing. Hang in there.

  11. mrsbluemont says:

    oh darling …

    here for you, holding my heart

  12. Happy Birthday gorgeous!

  13. qweirdutah says:

    I certainly don’t understand wands and betas and all the numbers having been one of the low tech lucky ones. (Please don’t hate me. I’m not rubbing it in. I really just don’t understand all the techy stuff.) But I am thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts. All positive.

  14. Katie says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you…..

  15. Clemency says:

    Will be thinking and wishing and hoping and all, and checking in from some dodgy internet cafe in Santorini no doubt…. xoxo

  16. bp says:

    hoping for you from here too…

  17. Travelher says:

    Oh I really do know what you’re going through and I hope what you find this week is everything you’ve working towards for the last 3 years. Hoping for you from NYC.

  18. mrsbluemont says:

    Hope you’re doing ok. Thinking of you lots. xo

  19. notesfrom2moms says:

    hope all is well…

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