how about some ambiguity?

Yes, please.  I’ll take mine with a side of local tomatoes.

So this morning’s htp (Clear Blue digital) said, and I quote, “not pregnant.”  So I started wigging out a smidge.  Ok, more than a smidge.  But I was convinced – Convinced, I tell you – that yesterday’s beta would tell me something meaningful and I’d know one way or the other.

Meanwhile, the IVP virtual handholding was good and tight.

I called the RE (they’ve shaken up the system over there and I no longer talk to Martha – poo.) and by some miracle they had yesterday’s results right there waiting for me at 8 am: 22.  And I was all, and I quote, “ummmm……”  Now what the fuck do I do with that?  Get another beta is what.  22 is fucking low, but it’s all about the doubling time.

Meanwhile, the IVP continued to rock the house.

So my ever fab assistant said she’d cover lunch so I could run and see my friends at the lab for a repeat beta.  Whew.  Had I not been able to go by 1 o’clock, I would not have gotten the results until Monday.  MONDAY?!  Lord.  As it was, I got there at 12:30 and the lovely lab people ordered the results STAT (I’d no idea they really said that) and then stuck me – no tourniquet, because I am a blood work rock star.

Today’s beta is 28, which gives me a doubling time of 2.87 days.  Not great, but I’ll take it.  Along with the positive htp that I got this afternoon.

They’ve got me scheduled for an ultrasound Wednesday at 4, so I’ll just breathe until then.


15 Comments on “how about some ambiguity?”

  1. N says:

    *hugs tight* Fingers crossed super super tight.

  2. Anna Alter says:

    thinking of you sweet pea.

  3. nutella says:

    Breathing deep and holding your hand. Wednesday does seem far from now, but try try to enjoy the lovely weekend, k?

  4. Selmada says:

    Those nasty sticks!!! They all seem to have such a wide range of what they will and won’t pick up. I’ve even heard that sticks in a two pack will give a different result.
    What can we do. They are all we have when at home an anxious.

    Good luck on the U/S. Treat yourself well between now and then.

  5. Olive says:

    I’m crossing my fingers for you. Try not to think of the numbers too much.

  6. Clemency says:

    Just love and holding your hand tight. Have a good weekend.

  7. bean says:

    i’m so hoping it’s just up and up from here…

  8. ida says:

    Okay. I’m breathing with you over here. super quietly.

  9. bp says:

    fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed for you. breath held.

  10. gypsygrrl says:

    *squeezing your hand*
    i was meandering thru some stuff on the IVP forum and saw your ticker of “HPT+…” and you shoulda seen my eyes snap shut and open again!

    i am sending you all the good baby mojo i got from holding a baby’s birth i attended this morning… i am sure she will send you some good luck! 🙂


  11. shelli says:

    everything that CAN be crossed, is.


  12. jay and vee says:

    everything we can cross we are crossing too. we’ve even made the dog cross his ears. no joke. xxxx

  13. sorenson says:

    oh oh oh you know we are both just holding our breath til we turn blue hoping that this one is a stayer… xx

  14. reproducinggenius says:

    Holy crap, girl! How did I miss all of this?I’ll be right here for the handholding hoping the best for Wednesday. xoxo

  15. yup, another sara says:

    YEA!!!!!! I’m sorry I am late to the party on this one, but I will be sending all the hope and good vibes I can from Massachusetts!

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