same as it ever was

3 years ago, I was sitting on my porch, on the swing to be exact, writing about “My Journey Through TTC.”  Ok, I didn’t call it that, because I don’t call things journeys unless there is real movement of bodies through space involved.  But you get the idea.  A year ago, I started blogging and cut and pasted that snippet from 3 years ago into one of my first posts.  (So it’s really more than a snippet – you don’t have to go read it.)

So here I am, on the porch again, 3 years and 2 weeks since I started trying to knock myself up.  Upstairs, on my dresser, is a positive htp.

Holy fucking shit, y’all.

There’s a vial of my blood at the lab, awaiting a beta and a prog check. As Bri says, clap your hands if you believe in hCG.

And cross everything you’ve got that this is a take-home baby.

(All you local kids can just keep this under your hats, yes?)


21 Comments on “same as it ever was”

  1. elsie says:

    Wheee Freakin HA, girl!!! Fingers toes and eyes crossed and re crossed. Crossed again.

  2. strawberry says:

    So effing excited for you 🙂

  3. Olive says:

    Holy shit! That’s amazing – I’m hoping for an fabulous beta! Congratulations! Extra exclamation point!

  4. maeby says:

    Such happy, exciting, scary, exhilarating news calls for a delurking! So, so hoping that this means that good things (like nausea, exhaustion, and food aversions) are in your future!

  5. cho-girl says:

    *lets out a long-held breath*
    whoo AND hoo! clap clap!

  6. Chips says:

    woo and freaking hoo!!! Such wonderful news and so much deserved. Thinking happy, sticky thoughts. xox

  7. Joy says:

    Just coming out of lurkdom to say my fingers are crossed for you and Congrats!

  8. N says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw, momma!

  9. bean says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! That’s just the best news, you. S has come over all sniffly…

  10. Clemency says:

    I’m just so excited and shocked and happy, so happy for you.
    Squeeeeeeeee! Woo and hoo! How many more can I fit in here?
    CJ if anyone ever deserved a break in the TTC hell it is you and I’m so glad your positive is here at last. Have you stopped hyperventilating yet? 🙂

    Can you please, please post a pic of that digi?
    And big hugs to the girl of the moment, that mojo you’ve been sharing is some powerful stuff.



  11. thatjen says:

    woo, woo, woo, woo and HOO! I am so delighted!!!

  12. owlie says:

    here i was expecting to read a post about cats or food or something and there is that beautiful sentence about a hpt on a dresser.

    so bloody happy for you

    sending luck and sticky and stuff to make sure you get your take-home baby.


  13. Chicory says:

    holy fucking shit! I have such mad hopes for you!

  14. Loving you.
    extreme hope on the extreme dl.

  15. jay says:

    Hooooooooooooray (again)!!!!!!!!!! Am so fucking happy and excited for you!!!! xxxx

  16. vee says:

    I believe! I believe!! Just the best news!

  17. Calliope says:

    clapping like I am an extra in an Eddie Murphy movie.
    SO SO SO SO SO effing excited and hopeful and giddy with and for you.
    WOOOOOOOO and her sister HOOOOOOO!!

  18. Jude says:


  19. Holy shit… I have chills… I’m so elated to read this… Crossing all my fingers for you.

  20. the injector says:

    holy smokes…
    you said september was the month…
    woo hoo.
    and why do i always seem to be two days behind good news.
    here’s to hoping it is all perfect!xoxo

  21. Katie says:

    CJ, so so happy for you! Can’t wait to come back and read your beta numbers!
    [I’ve been lurking since I ended my FF membership…enjoy the blog generally and especially this kind of news!!!!]

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