Can’t think of a title.  Can’t even blog properly.  God damn, the start of the school year is hard.  Last week, I’d have told you it broke me.  We’ll see what happens this week.

Horrible and classic premenstrual irritation this afternoon.  11 dpo, if you’re counting.  I am sort of not.  Sort of.

All other things are good.

Good lord, I miss y’all.


7 Comments on “”

  1. strawberry says:

    Hoping, hoping, hoping. Good luck.

  2. good old jg says:

    sorry about your decentralized post office.
    or perhaps your…
    DPO Data Path Optimizer
    DPO Data Phase Optimization
    DPO Data Processing Organization
    DPO Days Payables Outstanding
    DPO Dear/Dreaded/Dumb Previous Owner
    DPO Decentralized Project Office
    DPO Delta Phi Omega
    DPO Delta Psi Omega (national honorary theatre fraternity)
    DPO Depot Property Officer
    DPO Deputy Principal Officer
    DPO Designated Procurement Officer
    DPO Development Partnering Organization
    DPO Development Project Officer
    DPO Devonport, Tasmania, Australia – Devonport (Airport Code)
    DPO Diagramme des Procédures Opérationelles (French: Operational Procedure Diagram)
    DPO Dial Pulse Originating
    DPO Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
    DPO Diplomatic Post Office
    DPO Direct Public Offering
    DPO Direct Public Offering (finance/investment)
    DPO Direct Purchase Order
    DPO Directed Planning Option
    DPO Disabled Peoples’ Organization
    DPO Disaster Preparedness Office/r
    DPO Disaster Psychiatry Outreach
    DPO Discontinued Post Office
    DPO Display Purposes Only
    DPO Distribution Process Owner
    DPO District Police Officer (Pakistan)
    DPO District Program Office
    DPO Division of Production Operations (DOE)
    DPO Divisional Police Officer
    DPO Document Process Outsourcing
    DPO Douglass Post Office (Rutgers College)
    DPO Dreaded Previous Owner
    DPO Drug Pricing Organization
    DPO Dumb Previous Owner
    DPO DWDM PON Overlay
    DPO Dynamic Positioning Operator
    DPO Datastore Persistent Object
    (it’s that last one, isn’t it? i hate those.)

  3. bp says:

    we miss you too.

  4. kp says:

    just wanted to say i miss you too and i live but a mere mile away from your damn self.

  5. The injector says:

    hope it all gets better soon… be well. stay strong. get good sleep.

  6. yup, another sara says:

    I hope things calm down soon– I miss seeing you here!

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